Why Funny Image Websites Are Popular

It’s all about brain input constraints and the maximum information absorbtion rate.

Let’s take a look at the main media types:

  • Audio – You can listen to a maximum of one at a time, maybe two.
  • Video – Since its a combination of image and audio, the minimums traverse.  Meaning, one at a time, maybe two.
  • Image – Many at a time.  This is the key.  Plus it’s fast.  Just look and you’re done.  No need to listen to a 30 minute podcast for information here.  One glance, and you’re done.  Get back to work.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why images rule the web.  They are the current evolutionary maximum. They lead to maximum brain input, in minimum time.  So be sure to have images on your website, followed by beautiful video tutorials explaining what you do on the front page.

Combining images and video then, you will create the best possible front page for your website.  But I hear you say, “it’s hard work to add those!”.  True…

Consider outsourcing it the video creation.  You can do that on the main freelance websites.

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