100 Doors 2013 Level 51-75 Walkthrough – iPad, iPhone and Android

Level 57. This is a green and black door with arrows on it. First slide the black door to the right to show the three holes. Press the holes from bottom to top. Slide that door away and slide down the top door. For this door hit the holes from top to bottom. Slide the top door away and slide in the right door. Tap the holes from bottom to top and the exit will open.

Level 58 of 100 Doors 2013 Answers. At the top of the screen is the word CODE and some green dot grids. Hit the code panel and enter 579 1359 and finally 359.

Level 59. The left side does not contain cards 2, 3 or 4, they are on the right. In the middle of the pack are 7 cards and no jokes is allowed. The final exit code for the door is 36752.

Level 60. Circles and triangles on the lift and codes 6666 and 1238. All you do is count the circles. The code is 1424.

Level 61. Raise your gaming device perfectly vertical and press the button at the bottom of the screen. Rotate your phone anti-clockwise so the boat is at the bottom and press the boat button. Keep rotating your device anti-clockwise and pressing the buttons for the other two pieces.

Level 62. Left and right and some vehicle pictures on screen, car, boat, bicycle and plane. This solution quite complex so listen carefully. You have to move form top vehicle to bottom vehicle. The direction the vehicle is facing tells you which way to move. An example is the car is heading the right direction. So you hit right six times and the marker will be at 180.

If that was too complicated an answer to Level 62, here is the simple version. Press right 6 times, left once, right twice and left 9 times.

Level 63. A door with circle, triangle and square shapes above. Of course you have to now count the number of each to get the code: 4165.

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6 Responses to 100 Doors 2013 Level 51-75 Walkthrough – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. Solution for level 57 is wrong! First door goes from left to right, second door top to bottom, third door right to left.

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  3. Katelynn Morrish

    I need help with level 106 of 100 doors 2013.