100 Doors 2013 Level 51-75 Walkthrough – iPad, iPhone and Android

100 Doors 2013 Answers Level 70. The candles level with the lighting the candle problem. 14763152.

Level 71. Above the door you will see 12, 9, 48, 13, 1, 33, 7. Add the numbers you see in black to each of the columns in order and total up the columns. They all add up to 176, 183 and the light blue total is 54. The final code is then 17618354.

Level 72. On the side of the door is a crowbar and a screwdriver for you to pickup. Select the screwdriver and tap the electrical box to open it. Use the screwdriver to enter and get the keycard. Use the keycard on the code machine to exit.

Level 73 – 100 Doors 2013 Answers level 73. This solution is very complex again so read carefully. The code is 30, 31, 55 and 660. The safe has question marks where some numbers should be. Each set of four numbers is a pattern. For example, 1, 3, 5 and 7. The question mark is then the number 5 for example. The questions marks are: 5, 15, 6 and 33. Now move the safe crank so the arrows point to positions that multiple or add to make the code numbers.

First number to make is 30. So set the green arrow to point to the top right question mark and the bottom left question mark. That is a 5 and a 6. Since green means multiple, the answer will be 30! So you have set the green arrow pointing to the 5 and 6 question marks, hit calculate.

The second number is 31, which is 22 plus 9. Red is the plus arrow, so set that pointing to the 22 and 9 and hit calculate.

The third number is 55. This doesn’t work in my version of the 100 Doors 2013 app. So I set it to 33 + 12 and it worked. I think the game developers just made a mistake in the code here and it should have been 45 as the solution.

The last number to get is 660, which is 44 multiplied by 15. You can now exit the door of the most difficult problem on 100 Doors 2013 level 73..

Level 74. Two white arrows and a safe. Move the safe crank using the two arrows to open the door.

Level 75. On the elevator door is 12 and 75. That’s your code to get the magical green arrow of freedom.

This is the end of the 100 Doors 2013 guide for levels 51 to level 75 until the next update.

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6 Responses to 100 Doors 2013 Level 51-75 Walkthrough – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. Solution for level 57 is wrong! First door goes from left to right, second door top to bottom, third door right to left.

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  3. Katelynn Morrish

    I need help with level 106 of 100 doors 2013.