100 Floors Christmas Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

100 Floors Christmas Level 7. Start from the L in the second column and third row. Follow the tiles description. For example, L means go one left. Start from the L position in the third row and you will exit the floor once all lights are on.

100 Floors Christmas Level 8. Your job is to rearrange the patterns to make the triangle the other way round in 6 moves. Top left twice, top right twice and finally top left twice again.

100 Floors Christmas Level 9. Press the door lift button on the right. Now press the red door parts in the following order: Bottom left, top right, bottom right, top left. Lastly, press the middle red square.

100 Floors Christmas Level 10. Select the chess piece from your inventory. Yes, that is a knight chess piece not some cheese. I will use grid references for this one. row first, then column. So 13 will be first row and third column.

Your coordinates are: 32, 13, 12, 33, 41, 22, 43, 31, 23, 42. Now you’re stuck! But you can continue on…21, 33, 12, 33, 21.

100 Floors Christmas Level 11. Use the axe hammer from your inventory to smash the bottom of number 1. I gave up at this point. If you want a solution, leave a comment and I will write it up.

100 Floors Christmas season is a good game. The puzzles are challenging and the answers are difficult to find. Luckily, you have this 100 Floors Christmas special Walkthrough and Guide to help you cheat in the game.

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  1. Great job.

  2. What is the answer to #11 the christmas one?????????.