The Impossible Test Christmas Answers

The Impossible Test Christmas Answers and Solution. The Impossible Test Christmas was created by PixelCUBE Studios. This guide for The Impossible Test Christmas Answers contains tips, help and cheats for completing the questions.

Level 1 of Impossible Test answers. Shake the device to make it snow.

Tap on the word “off” in the question itself.

Tap to fire the snowballs at the present. Make it fat and burst.

Just like a calander, count the numbers to 25. Then tap on this 25th box.

Using your finger, drag the sled all the way to the left then flick to the right.

Level 7. Drag and drop the word “stuff” from the question into the stocking.

From the question, drag “snow” over to “angel”. Then just keep swiping left and right in the middle of the screen.

One of the stars has a red buttons. Just keep pulling on the stars until you see it. Then press the red button.

Get your iPod, iPhone, or iPad and turn it upside down to complete the level.

Scratch the panel like it says in the question.

Level 12 Impossible Test Christmas answers. Tap the icicles as they drop.

On the left side is a nail. Drag and drop it on the door. Now put the wrath on the nail.

Touch the hats in order for the colors given. Then lastly, tap the word Yellow.

Drag and drop the colors red, yellow and blue to the chimney you see.

Move the cup away and press “Heat”.

The answer is 25.

Level 18 of impossible test Answers. All are right except top left corner, 4th on top row and middle of bottom row.

Tap on the letters to spell Gingerbread.

Tap on Bake and set the oven to 425 degrees. Now press the bake button.

Level 21. The answer is to tap in this order: Orange, green, red, blue.

Tap the word Snowman twice. Now place the smaller snowman inside the big one. Tap the word snowman again. Tap where the snowmans hands on the right should be. Now tap the snowmans face and hat. Lastly, tap the snowmans left hand area.

Level 23. Keep tapping the chimney until it’s huge, then drag the word down the chimney.

Level 24. Tap the snowflakes very quickly. Hurry!

Question 25 of Impossible Test Christmas. Tap in the following order: Far right, 2nd from left, Far left, last.

Level 26 of Impossible Test Christmas Answers. The answer is 36. Shake your device and count.

Switch the pieces until you get the order: Blitz, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, Prancer, Rudolph and lastly Vixen.

Level 28. Tap the pieces, then the black loop part is facing up. Now drag the WORD string to each piece and shake your iPad, iPhone or iPad.

Question 29 of impossible Test Christmas Answers. It’s the fourth star, just tap it.

Final question 30 for Impossible Test Christmas. Sixth star, just tap it.

The Impossible test Christmas edition is a fairly boring game. I didn’t enjoy playing it and their are much better games and apps available with a similar style. I also had no sound effects while playing and the graphics are poor. Overall, I didn’t like playing Impossible Test Christmas.

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  1. What about the rest of the quiestons???.

  2. This is not the end of the game there are more questions after that.

  3. You need to update your answers because there are now more than 30 questions.