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Funny Youtube Channels Part 1

These are the absolute funniest craziest Youtube channels I could find today. If you don’t like them I have failed. But you will like them, because they are crazy and funny Youtube channels. Let’s start the first ever list.

Funny Youtube channel 1 – Howtobasic

Take a look at the Youtube channel of howtobasic.  Notice how all the videos come with casual names.  Sounds innocent right?  now open one and hit play.  This guy (howtobasic) is totally crazy.  He throws and smashes eggs, slaps his legs, where are his pants?  Howtobasic is just a strange man walking around.  Nobody knows, and the mystery makes it fascinating.

Search for “howtobasic” on Youtube to see the egg smasher.

Look out for the baby howtobasic brings out for some videos.  Many people leave messages asking the guy who cleans up his mess.  Nobody knows.

Funny Youtube channel 2 – Markorepairs

Markorepairs is learning English.  To help Markorepairs learn English he has made a set of videos to show him practising.  While practising, he discusses some of his favorite hobbies, which include: his old VHS and furniture player collection and how to make coffee.  Markorepairs is just too happy, and everyone on Reddit loves him for his funny retro VHS review.

Search youtube for “cofe time for in talk English”.  Yes, that is literally the title of the video.

Highlight is his VHS review.  You will love the English very much!

Funny Youtube channel 3 – unknown

I saw a funny series of cooking videos from a guy on Youtube.  Now I can’t find them and my Youtube history is deleted.  Really sorry guys, I had it all planned out to talk about and everything.  It’s a guy cooking things, badly.  And he’s really slow and awkward at the start (intentionally and obviously fake, but still funny).  It was an average youtuber, nothing too great.  If I figure out who it was I’ll update this article.  If you know, then leave a comment!

Edit: Found him, he’s called Henry Phillips and the Youtube videos are called “Henry’s Kitchen”.  Enjoy.

I hope you like these Youtube videos and channels I found for you.  If it proves popular I’ll make a Funny Youtube Channels part 2 and tag it from here.

What are your favorite Youtube channels?

4 Pics 1 Song Answers

4 Pics 1 Song Walkthrough and Answers. 4 Pics 1 song is available free to download for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Answers for Level 1 of 4 pics 1 song.

First question in 4 pics 1 song is a goat, black and white image, another goat and Michael Jackson doing his hat dance. The answer is Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. RIP Jacko.

Question 2 on 4 pics 1 song is a lady making a telephone hand sign or signal. Picture 2 is a man talking with a lady and exchanging phone numbers, 3 is an angry lady and 4 is the can’t decide gesture. The answer is call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepson.

Question 3 is a gold bar, digger, lady rubbing money or milk on an old man and a West street sign. The solution is Gold Digger by Kanye West.

Question 4 of 4 pics 1 song is ice cubes, ice ream, a happy baby and many pictures of children or babies. Answer is Ice ice baby by Vanilla Ice.

Question 5 is candy, a shopping basket, more candy and a 50 cent coin. The solution is candy shop by 50 cent.

Question 6 has 4 pictures of birds and the answer is Blackbird by The Beatles. Steve Jobs liked the Beatles.

Question 7 of 4 pics 1 song is a rack of rockets, a blue male symbol, a rocket cartoon and a cartoon guy with a jetpack strapped to his back. The answer is Rocket man by Elton John.

Question 8 of 4 pics 1 song. A map of America with the flag, an eagle with an american flag in the background. Image three is a american pie and 4 is more pie. The song is called American pie by Don Mclean.

Solution to question 9 is Poker face by Lady Gaga. The images are two aces or A cards and some chips. 9 pictures of people, a lady playing cards and 16 pictures of babies.

Question 10 Piano players, pianos and the male symbol again. The answer is Piano man by Billy Joel.

The answer to question 11 of 4 pics 1 song is Jar of Hearts. Pictures are jars of hearts (so clever!).

Question 12 shows fire, a plane, an unusual light apparatus and a green fly with a light attached. Answer is fireflies by Own City.

More American images for question 13 and a guy wearing pink sunglasses with heart shapes. Answer is Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus.

Question 14 has 4 pics of clocks. The cheat is Clocks by Coldplay.

Question 15 is Milkshake by Kellis and the pictures are milk and people drinking milk in 4 pics 1 song.

Last question for level 1 of 4 pics 1 song is 2 jars of money, pile of clothes, 2 ladies shopping and a lady scanning a rack of sweats. Answer is Thrift shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

This is the end of the first level of 4 pics 1 song. If their is enough interest in the comments I will make quick guides for all the remaining levels of 4 pics 1 song.

Why I’m Selling My Samsung Galaxy S4

I’ve finally decided to sell my Samsung Galaxy S4.  I have had this phone for under 6 months and already I think it is time to go.  This article is a list of the reasons why the Samsung S4 is just not worth it for me and why I think the phone market as a whole is moving in the wrong direction.

First, I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S4 brand new on launch day.  I paid around $650 for the phone at that time.  The Samsung S4 was launched around April this year.  Now, in November I am selling for around $300 just to not have it anymore.

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Brutal Legend PC Game Review

A review of Brutal Legend purchased for Steam on a Windows PC.  Brutal Legends was produced by Double Fine Studios and released by EA.  I just quit playing at the last level of the game because I couldn’t take anymore.  This review covers what I liked and what I didn’t like about the Brutal Legend game.

The story and characters are amazing.  It feels like a movie or Saturday morning cartoon.  The cutscenes drip of quality.  The story and story telling is really fun, and this is coming from someone who has no idea who these rock guys are.  I loved every minute of the story telling parts.  Really fun, with plenty of depth and twists to keep things interesting.

Atmosphere is nailed.  Some of the nicest environments I’ve ever seen in a game.  It feels spooky when it should feel spooky, and cool when it should feel cool.  The graveyard drive is a particular highlight of the game for atmosphere.

Voice acting is something I would like to mention here.  It’s voiced by the world famous Jack Black.  Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the guy, but I like him more for doing this voiceover.  He nails the role of the protagonist like no one else.  His voice, and mannerisms, are perfect for a rock group roadie guy.

The story, cutscenes and atmosphere are grade A+ quality.  This is some of the best a game could possibly hope to reach.  Now, on to the gameplay.

It is generally agreed that the gameplay of most Double Fine Studios games is terrible, especially when considering it’s amazing story telling depth.  And Brutal Legend is no different.  Brutal Legend has three gameplay parts to it.  Third person combat parts, driving elements of the game and the strange RTS thing.  I’ll cover each of these below.

The third person combat parts are surprisingly the most fun sections of this game.  It’s just button mashing, with a bad camera, and it’s fun enough with lots of options to choose.

The driving part should be cool, but isn’t.  You drive a cool car, it has machine guns attached to the front and nitro out of the back.  You can affix various gadgets to the car to make it cooler.  It ticks the boxes of awesome.  But it’s floaty.  And floaty cars NEVER work in a game, and don’t work in Brutal Legend either.  You never feel tight with the car, and this would be ok.  Except…

There are timed driving sections.  Yes, you heard me right, timed driving sections in a floaty car.  Nothing is more frustrating than timed driving sections in a floaty car.  Every restart is not YOUR fault, it’s the games fault, but you get punished for it.  Clipped a rock and flipped your car?  Your fault game, not mine!

Finally, the weird RTS element.  It starts of good, but becomes hectic, fast.  And hectic with a third person view and a bad camera do not make a fun game.  And I was playing on easy because I just wanted to enjoy the storyline.  The end of the games requires around 5 repetitive RTS matches one after another.  And it will annoy you in seconds, to the point where, like me, you will quit playing Brutal Legend out of sheer frustration.  Grinding is never fun.

I think the core part of why Brutal Legend has such bad gameplay is that you get punished for mistakes you could not avoid.  Mistakes that were the games fault.  It wasn’t you who chipped the rock and flipped the car during the timed car mission. It was the floaty game controls.  That and grindy RTS and third person gameplay make the game a chore to play through just to get to the amazing story line continuation cutscenes.

Overall, I would pay $3-4 for Brutal Legend.  Any more than that and you will feel some regret once you quit playing.  Having said that, the Brutal Legend story and atmosphere are exceptional, best of class material.  Real triple A cuban stuff.  But trust me, that grind will wear you down.  It’s hard to give a score to Brutal Legend so I won’t.

You will stop playing Brutal Legend before the end, the question is how long will you last.

How Long to Charge Hudl Tesco Tablet

Charge times for the Tesco Hudl Tablet.  Below are the experimental results of my analysis of the Hudl battery charging times.  These are the results of the first two battery charges on a brand new device.  Older devices might get battery wear and tear over time that makes the battery take longer to charge.

Hudl charging times data set 1.

  • 4% – 9.20am start.
  • 52% at 10.15am.
  • 68% at 10.40am.
  • 74% at 10.50am.
  • 100% 11.40am end.

Hudl battery charging times set 2.

  • 31% at 8.06am start.
  • 62% at 8.45am. – started playing a game app at this point until 9.10am.
  • 75% at 9.12am.
  • 87% at 9.30am.
  • 96% at 9.50am.
  • 100 at 10.05am end.

From this data collection of the Hudl battery charge times I make the following conclusion.  The Hudl battery takes 5 % of charge every 10 minutes.  You can use this to figure out how long it will take to charge your Tesco Hudl tablet.

If you liked this you might like my big Hudl review covering the main points I liked and didn’t like about the Tesco Hudl Android Tablet.