Doors & Rooms Chapter 4 Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Doors and Rooms Chapter 4 Claustrophobia Answers. Solutions for Doors and Rooms 4-1, 4-2, 4-3 and 4-4 are included.

Doors and Rooms 4-1. Next to the door is the code 1524334251. Split this code into 2 figures each and it becomes positions on a grid. The first number represents the column and the second represents the rows. Using these positions then you can make a pattern on the floor. The final pattern is a line from the top right corner of the grid to the lower left.

Doors and Rooms 4-2. There is a skull in the bone collection on the corner. You will see an anvil on the screen, and beside that is a sledgehammer you can pick up. In your inventory select and combine the skull and sledgehammer to create the white powder.

The left wall has some scratch patterns. If you rub the white powder on these scratches you will see a grid pattern. Copy this grid pattern into the code machine near the door to exit. The final pattern you need to exit the room is: RDDRRURRDDLDDRR.

Doors and Rooms 4-3. Doors and Rooms Chapter 4 claustrophobia Solutions. Touch the man to get a green and red cog unit. The skeleton has a purple cog around its neck area. There is also a spikey skeleton in the room with a gold wheel.

In the bottom right of the screen you will find a hollow cylinder, blue wheel and a sledgehammer. A skeleton is also holding a letter you can read: 18 6 green. Using your inventory screen join the sledgehammer and the hollow pipe and use this on the wall. A gold pentagon shaped wheel will appear.

Move to the wheel unit on the left wall and zoom in. Red wheel is placed into the top left, black wheel in the top right. You can also dismantle the green wheel using your inventory screen at this point. Combine the blue wheel and the gold wheels and place the result as the last piece in the machine. That is the lower part of the machine. The machine will activate itself and you can now exit the room.

Doors and Rooms 4-4. You will find yourself in a strange room with 8421 inscribed on each wall. To exit enter the code 8543 in the code box.

Doors and Rooms 4-5. There are a lot of pieces in this room. Get the matches, spanner, teddy bear and the water bottle. In your inventory choose to break up the teddy bear into individual parts. Break apart the middle part again to get the piece of cotton. Break apart the left side leg to get a green colored gem.

The water bottle mixed with the cotton will be used to stop the dangerous smoke. From your inventory get the spanner and use it to break the piping on the left side. Use the cotton and water bottle item to stop the smoke from coming out. Now we need to light the strange candle. Use the matches to light it.

Now put the pipe piece on top of the lit candle and the green gemstone on the pipe piece. You will see a visible code of 389465.

You have noticed the mathematics toy in the wall at this point. It is what we will use to enter the main code to exit this room. Enter our code using the abacus. Each top part moved down represents a plus 5, and each bottom part moved up represents a plus 1. a seven would be 1 moved down from the top and 2 up from the bottom. Enter our code using this system and you can exit.

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