Doors & Rooms Chapter 4 Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Doors and Rooms 4-6. In the lower right of the screen is a small shining white star light. You might need to scroll to see it on an iPhone. Touch this light and you will pick up a lighter. It’s a good idea to set the brightness high if you struggle with this next part. With the lighter selected tap around the left side of the screen until you see candles. When you see the candles, light them with the lighter.

Find and obtain the 5 colored jars at the bottom of the screen. There is a hand tool near the table and a plank of wood to pick up too. If you touch the typewriter you will get a note to read. Both the plank of wood and the note have codes we will need for the next part.

You will need to place the bottles in the star shaped diagram in a specific order to activate it correctly. Red to the top right. Yellow in the lower right, Green in the top left. Blue goes to the right and purple in the lower left area is the last tap. If you did it well and got the order correct it will be green. If it is red you did it wrong and should try again.

Now I am assuming you have made the star diagram green at this point. Tap on the body near the star shape and use the hand tool from earlier on it’s mouth. It will open it’s mouth for you and you can get the typewriter keys.

Once you solve this part the final door code will be a quick 851216.

Doors and Rooms 4-7. Get the spade from the corner of the room. Use this on each piece of dirt you see on the screen to get 4 pieces. These 4 ex pieces have roman numbers on them.

There is a puzzle where you place the cross piece you dug up. It’s a simple puzzle and the final code to leave the spooky area is 1035.

Doors and Rooms 4-8. Look closely at the table and you will find a writing instrument known as a pen. This is what we used before computers were invented. Break this pen apart using your inventory options and you will get two pieces. Check the drawer of the table and you will get a screwdriver end part. Attach the pen lid with the screwdriver end part we found to make a complete screwdriver we can use. Use this on the box in the room and turn the electrical current to off.

Check the blob of water and get the key. Use this key on the box next to the table to open it. Inside is some tape and a letter. If you read the letter it gives you the code: RRUL DLLD UURR. Move back to the water and find the broken wire. Use the tape on this broken wire and move back to the box. Turn the electrical current back to the on position in the box. You can now enter an exit code. The door code to exit Doors and Rooms 4-8 is 9273.

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