Doors & Rooms Chapter 4 Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Doors and Rooms 4-9. You will find a letter with the code phrase “A new sense of Lady”. What does it mean? Leave that for later. Exit this room by using code 75945745.

Doors and Rooms 4-10. The code here is created using the dots system of units. Tap to enter the following: eight, one, five. Where one is the number of dots in the middle, with five on the right and eight on the left.

That is the end of the Doors and Rooms chapter 4 Claustrophobia Walkthrough. I hope these answers were useful to you and let you finish the game. If you’d like to go back and try to figure out some of the codes and puzzles you can do that now. Nerdr also has a Doors and Rooms chapter 5 guide.

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