Frisbee Forever 2 App Review - comment page 1

Frisbee Forever 2 review. It’s a great game, smooth and fun five stars while it lasts. The core gameplay of frisbee forever 2 is you play as the frisbee, in first person flying mode. You can move either left or … Continue reading

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5 Responses to Frisbee Forever 2 App Review - comment page 1

  1. What’s deal with lost city level 8? Get 29 stars, looks like all, and silver medal!!! Is there hidden star or passage?.

    • Sorry Mike! I didn’t go for the 100% on frisbee forever 2, just played every level to unlock them all then deleted it.

      I just liked flying through the beautiful graphics and unique atmosphere on each level.

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  3. What do you mean you paid $0.99? The game has always been free.