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Frisbee Forever 2 App Review

Frisbee Forever 2 review. It’s a great game, smooth and fun five stars while it lasts.

The core gameplay of frisbee forever 2 is you play as the frisbee, in first person flying mode. You can move either left or right only and fly through rings to catch stars and coins. There is also a mission system with achievements and some in-app purchases. You do not need to buy the in-app purchases to complete frisbee forever 2. There are about 6 worlds with about 10 missions in each world. Plus two bonus worlds, one with super hard challenges and one with unlock-able levels.


Frisbee forever 2 comes with full 3D graphics, beautiful colorful courses and is certainly easy on the eyes. It’s gorgeous to look at and runs at a smooth frame rate throughout gameplay. Full marks for graphics.


Sound in Frisbee forever 2 is great. It has a wonderful relaxing mellow flow, while still capturing the spectacular vistas, just nice music to play the game to. I like the music in the chinese levels best and the music adds a lot of atmosphere to the game. Menu music is also great. Music for two levels and the menu of Frisbee forever 2 was made by Jeppe Karkov.


Frisbee forever 2 took me 6 hours to complete and I needed no in-app purchases to complete the game. It’s addictive and fun throughout and I was never grinding or frustrated at any point. Some levels are difficult, but they remain fun because you know if you keep trying you can eventually pass them easily.

I have not played frisbee forever 1 and still picked up this games controls very quickly.

The key point for me is fun. If the game is fun to play and not grindy then it gets good review scores and frisbee forever is definitely fun while playing. Once the main campaign is completed and you have seen all the levels you can go back and replay for fun and to 100% complete the game, but I deleted once I had completed all the levels.

In summary then, Frisbee Forever 2 by Kiloo games is a great game and well worth picking up! It’s currently free on the App store.

I give it 5/5.

Spellsword App Review

Spellsword app review. Spell sword, developed by FireFruitForge and published by Everplay intersctive Games, on the iPad and iPhone, is a fun and addictive little game. An easy five out of five stars.


Could be better. Spellsword has the pixel look we’ve all seen before and it looks nice enough but is lacking in detail and readability. Spellsword almost looks like Everplay took the games detailed photoshop images and ran them through a pixel filter rather than pixellating the graphics from step 1. They do grow on you eventually, but imagine blurry huge pixel graphics and you get the idea. Not pleasant, but acceptable for a platformer like this. For reference I was playing on an iPad 3 with retina graphics. Spellsword might look better visually on a lower end device like the iPhone.


Few games are as amazingly fun as this one. Spellsword has that “one more go” element nailed just right. I couldn’t put it down. Deliciously addictive and just plain fun, with no grinding and a 5 hour start to finish. This is where Spell sword earns those five stars and in the end it’s the gameplay that matters most. Perfect.

There are power ups to pick up, upgrades to your character and money to buy. In-app purchases are not necessary at all, except to support the developers who are small time indies Everplay. The game is based on card power ups you find on each level. Touch the cards and events happen on screen from them and another power up appears in a different location. Things like fireballs, a black hole that sucks enemies in and ice shards blasting out. It’s fun.

Spellswords upgrade system is just right, you never feel the levels are too easy or too hard. You get the feeling the guys at Everplay really took their time with play-testing every level for difficulty and sorting them perfectly.

Spellsword comes with 3 mission packs of 20 levels each, with more “coming soon”. No grinding or in-app purchases required to finish all missions.


The sound effects in spellsword are simply stunning, perfect and with oomph. I love the music too. Some of the best pixel bit tunes i’ve heard in a game app to date. They never get tiring or repetitive. The sound in Spellsword really is something special and worth the buck just to hear it alone. If I was making a pixel app or game and needed music and fx, i’d hunt Duncan McPherson down and hire him.

Spellsword costs $0.99 on the Apple app store.

Speelswords core missions take about 5 hours or less to complete, and there is an endless mode for those wanting more. Although once you’ve finished the main missions available (about 60) it’s ripe for deletion as the leader boards are owned by guys with 5,000+ points.

Definitely a great price and well worth the cost. I’d buy Spellsword again knowing what I now know.

Review scores:
Graphics 3.5/10.
Sound 10/10.
Gameplay 13/10. Deal.

Overall: Spellsword gets a five out of five stars for just plain blasting that gameplay right out the park.


Which Antivirus Is Best

I work as a computer security professional and see about 30 virus infected computers a week come in to our technical department.  The following is what I recommend to our users for their personal home computers when they ask me Which antivirus is best.

OVERVIEW Continue reading

Is the 3ds worth it

Here I discuss some of the main points to consider when buying a Nintendo 3ds if you already have a ds.

Here are the top things to seriously consider if you want to get a Nintendo 3DS – Cosmo Black! OR MAYBE THE Nintendo 3DS – Aqua Blue?

Price – The current price is $249.99.  Thats quite a high price, but then the 3DS was only released about a week ago!  Even so, this price does seem quite significant, especially against the competition of the ipod touch.  Breaking it down and looking at previous Nintendo console cycles, we can quite easily see Nintendo like to base their console output on 5 year cycles.  This means they bring out a new product (like the nintendo 4ds say!) every five years.  The easy maths then amounts to:

$250/5 years = $50 a year.

So buying it right now works out to be $50 a year.

Now thats about $5 a month.  Not Bad!.

However, I think the price will drop fairly quickly as no one seems to be buying and the games are getting average at best reviews from the main game review websites.  I would suspect it will Continue reading

Buying Ipad 2 already have Ipad 1

buying an Ipad 2 when you already have an Ipad 1?

Someone asked me today, Should they buy an Apple Ipad 2 if they already own the Ipad 1? My advice to them was a fairly clear no.  Admittedly, it was not a 100% clear answer of NO.  Just a pretty sure its a no on the buy.  Here are the reasons I gave:

  • Ipad 3 coming in September with possibly rumored to be retina display.  Thats just 6 months away to the ipad 3.  At the moment, the Ipad 2 display is a significantly lower resolution than what it should be as far as i’m concerned.  It needed to have the retina display, but apple and steve jobs decided not to go for it.  It just really seems like the Ipad 2 is Continue reading