How to check if your username is banned from reddit

Moving on from the last post of checking your URL has been banned on the social media bookmarking website (also known as the imgur linking machine) we now take a look at how to tell if your actual username itself is banned or listed as a spammer.

Note:  I keep emphasizing the need to make interesting, content filled posts in the following system.  The reason is because you want to get votes.  Either up or down (ideally up of course) and further, you want to get some comments on your comment.

How to check if you have been listed as a spammer:

  1. Find a busy topic of discussion.
  2. Sort the comments with best at the top.
  3. Read the top few comments.
  4. If the topic interests you then make an interesting post, otherwise return to 1 and find something else more interesting to post on.
  5. Once you’ve found your interesting remark and a good discussion in which to make it, post it.
  6. Now wait.
  7. Remember, you chose a discussion which was busy and active, and posted towards the top of an active (best) discussion.
  8. IF you’d like to know for sure, make a few more interesting content filled posts.  4 should be adequate, each in a busy, active discussion.

Now wait some more.  If you have no replies after a good few minutes (30 miins) to 2 hours max i’d say, then their is a small chance you have been listed as a spammer.  If you did the 4 posts thing and you get nothing, then yes, you are flagged.

As in the URL banning post here URL banned on reddit there is no way to unban a username at this time.  Your best bet is to just give up and make a new one.


It seems the only way to get banned from reddit is if you’re a spammer.  I’ve seen folks with -9072 karma.  Thats no small feat, since every post you make gets an auto +1 karma right of the bat.  So we should respect even the losiest of losers for this achievement.  Going back then, yes the way to get banned is to be a spammer.  ie.  submit a url that gets repoted and flagged.  Read here for more: URL got banned on reddit.


Its due to the use of “ghosting” on Reddit.  Basically, rather than just tell spammers they are a spammer, reddit decided to implement a ghosting system.  In ghosting the spammer still sees their own posts, but no one else sees them.  This is incredibly easy to implement on the programmatic level and so was implemented fairly early on in the life of Reddit.


The loss of hard earned Karma can be significant and may of course lead to other issues such as an increased intake of bitter and sour pills… but let it slide warrior…time to start a new reddit account, new you, stay fabulous.  NO MORE TROLLING THIS TIME.  Promise.

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6 Responses to How to check if your username is banned from reddit

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  2. This seems like it could actually work. Although its a little spammy don’t you think?.

  3. @Eddie – Thats what I thought too at first, but if you think about it, you’re still providing good content (4 good replies). Thats the only way to test it. If you do junk replies, you can’t expect replies to your comments therefore, effectively, the best way to use the method is to actually post something interesting! And so, I think its not “spammy” at all.

    I have yet to hear a logical argument against it.

  4. I’ve read that Reddit ghostbans by IP, so step 9 could be to use JonDo or another anonymizing proxy to create an account and check to see if the main account in question is displaying messages. JonDo has free servers that can handle Reddit easily.

  5. Another way of determining whether your account is banned on reddit or not is by visiting this page reddit.Com/user/yourusername
    and if a 404 error is shown then for sure you are banned on reddit.
    Do not waste your time on posting from that account , make a new one.

  6. My issue with the whole ghost banning this is that trolls and spammers are the FIRST to figure out something’s wrong. Innocent users who are the victim of these same trolls often find themselves reported and eventually their comments get ghosted and suddenly they wonder why everyone, including their friends have begun ignoring them. Sites that employ ghost banning actually put the power in the hands of trolls.

    YouTube has implemented the same system for their comments. Get into a disagreement with someone and since the downvote button on comments is broke, people show they disagree by marking others as spam. At least Reddit has a downvote button so people aren’t as likely to abuse the “report” button.