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Reddit hacktivists hack into mainframe of website

They came again.  This time with DDOS.  We stood strong, man to man, shield to shield, but nothing could stop the menacing horde.  They took everything, burned what they could not carry upon their mighty steads and even the womenz we had so carefully selected.

The rains have stopped, it will be dry season soon and our crops are low…how much longer before we “bite the pillow”?

Even now they stand at our gates.  Mocking.  Always mocking…and refreshing…those sick bastards…

How to Quit Reddit for the Weak

NOTE: This is a satirical post.  Here is the serious answer.

Reddit addiction.

I was a regular just like you.  I bought Reddit gold (I know right).  I did the setting it as my homepage thing and used Reddit Enhancement Suite (best greasemonkey script of all time…of ALL TIME).  Reddit was my go-to place for finding interesting content no one had heard of.  It sparked Revolutions (your welcome) and genuinely funny memes, Ragecomics made their home there as did the ever lovable Narwhal and that little Reddit alien Teletubby mascot with the weird laser eyes.

And now look at it. Continue reading

How to check if your username is banned from reddit

Moving on from the last post of checking your URL has been banned on the reddit.com social media bookmarking website (also known as the imgur linking machine) we now take a look at how to tell if your actual username itself is banned or listed as a spammer.

Note:  I keep emphasizing the need to make interesting, content filled posts in the following system.  The reason is because you want to get votes.  Either up or down (ideally up of course) and further, you want to get some comments on your comment.

How to check if you have been listed as a spammer: Continue reading

How to check if you are banned from reddit

How to check if your site and url are blocked on reddit.  Useful if you are wondering “why is my website banned from reddit”!

Use this method to check if your website has been blocked on the reddit.com social news media website. I don’t use digg.com so not sure how to check that one.  Part 2 is here: How to check if your username is banned on Reddit.com.

If when you submit your link and hit refresh (F5),

  • The vote count goes to 0, this is a sign that its been reported to the moderators and is now in the moderation system for checking.

The most absolute spam url/user check for reddit is: