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Swipe keyboard!  The Hudl comes with the stock Google Android keyboard as standard, which, after tweaking some settings, can do swipes.  I love swipe keyboards and using an iPad keybaord after using a swype keyboard just feels slow.  It is my opinion that the swipe keyboard is the number 1 features Android has over Apple products right now.  Once you use a swipe keyboard you can never go back.  And this is said by someone with 6000 apps purchased from the IOS App store (I review them).

Powerful enough.  the Hudl can run Real Racing 3 with nice graphics.  Yeah, it doesn’t look as cool as the full 1080p of a Samsung Galaxy S4 screen, but it still looks very good on the Hudl 720p screen.

The HUDL has a mini HDMI out port which Apple will never have on any iPad, iPod or iPhone.  I have not used the mini HDMI out port because I do not have the cable.  The mini HDMI cable is around $5 on Ebay.

Micro SD card slot for expandable storage on the HUDL.  The Hudl can take SD cards for extra storage.  I can’t remember if it’s the micro or mini SD card, but it’s the small SDcard that fits in the Samsung Galaxy S4 too.  No more 16GB $100 tax from Apple for me.  The feeling of freedom when inserting a $20 Ebay 32GB micro SD card for the first time into a tablet is to be treasured and remembered forever.

Things I didn’t like about the Tesco HUDL

The HUDL has no hardware buttons on the front of the device.  The home, back and what’s open buttons of Android are all software based.  Some apps (like cool epub reader) give problems with soft buttons, but so far that is the only app that has had problems.

Missed taps are a tiny problem.  The Apple iPad never misses a tap on the screen. By contrast, the HUDL misses about 1 in 10 taps.  For typing I use the swipe keyboard of Android, but for typing URL’s and web addresses/email addresses a mistake or missed tap on the HUDL can be a big deal and means typing everything out again from the start.

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