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The Tesco customer services rep also talked about a coupon or Tesco voucher scheme to buy the Hudl for almost half the price.  He said you can use £50 ($80) of Tesco Vouchers to cover £100 ($160) of the cost of the HUDL using a Tesco boost scheme with a clubcard.  I don’t have the details on this because I was only partially listening, so ask yourself in the supermarket if you’re interested.

It is my opinion that the HUDL is the number 1 Android tablet available today.  The price, the quality, the usability of the Hudl is just perfect.  I’m gushing.  I will be getting an ipad mini later this month, but the Hudl wins the Nerdr 2013 Android tablet of the year award.  It also wins the Nerdr tablet of the year award unless the iPad mini is out of this world.  Beating Apple, the Tesco Hudl is just pure great value.

Remember when Apple devices just worked?  Remember when they were error and problem free?  Remember when you could just quickly DO THINGS without worrying about pressing the right magical button combinations.  That’s the HUDL now.  Crazy good value.

And remember, I paid real money for this, unlike other reviewers who get things for free.  Nerdr pays, just like you would pay.  So I feel a $500 iPad purchase just like you guys do.

In the same way I predicted the award winning success of The Room App last year, I’m throwing my chips (crisps in the UK?) behind this tiny bundle of awesome that is the Tesco Hudl Android tablet.

Should I buy a HUDL?  yes.

UPDATE January – I no longer stand by this review.  I believe the Google Nexus is now the best value Android tablet to buy for price/performance.

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