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Hudl wifi connection problem when starting the device for the first time.  During initial load of the HUDL it will ask you for the wifi password.  When you enter one it will not connect.  Press the back button on the Hudl and tap on your wifi connection again and it should connect.  That’s what worked for me.

The Hudl weighs around 400grams I think.  The Hudl feels heavy and you could not watch a movie holding it for 2 hours.  But through that weight comes it’s solidity.  It feels robust, you could drop this and feel ok that it will survive.

Front and back camera on the HUDL.  The front camera I never use anyway.  The back camera is 3MP but it might as well be 0MP because you won’t be using it.  It sees no light, it’s like they had to tick a box that said “has camera”, so they just got the cheapest camera they could find.  No one uses a tablet for it’s camera anyway.  It could scan a barcode or QR code acceptably I think.  No flash of course on he camera.

Last thoughts on the Hudl Tablet

I have not yet talked about the screen of the HUDL.  The screen is HD and feels solid.  The HUDL screen resolution is 1400 x 900.

In the end, I have shown the HUDL to two Americans here and both have ordered me to purchase one for them next time I’m in the UK.  That alone should sell you on the Hudl.  I think the Tesco rep mentioned it comes with a 14 day returns for any reason too, which you could use if you live close to a Tesco.

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