Icomania Answers and Cheats – App for iPhone, iPad and Android - comment page 4

This cheats guide contains all the answers for Icomania levels 5,6,7 and 8. I have included a link to levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 if you need Icomania answers for those levels of the game. Here is the link … Continue reading

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188 Responses to Icomania Answers and Cheats – App for iPhone, iPad and Android - comment page 4

  1. Who’s the guys wearing shades and has really pale skin with longer black hair?.

  2. Am stuck at lvl 35 tv & movies – a man with ray ban and beard holding a food tray.

  3. I’m at lvl 10, 318, i see abby from NCIS but need 2 words, one of 4 letters and one of 3.. _ _ _ _ [space] _ _ _. I have the letters KSNY CVIH AMZ SPQ.

  4. Im stuck on a famous person atm, it look likes will smith, dark face, black hair, no facial features, and in a suit, but have only got 5 empty boxes to fill and the letters to choose from are, p,a,c,b,n,o,p,m,g,l,a,a,j,x,……. Its driving me bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!!Plz plz plz help?????.

  5. @Anne, its navy cis.

  6. I am stuck on level 5 153 famous person it’s a basketball player in a red uniform with the number 23 on it
    First name 7 letters, second name 6 letters
    Letters: R H E M D N I A A O L J C V.

  7. ThAnks.

  8. Can someone tell me the answer to level 7 #205 a brand that is black and white with swords or knives going through the brand.

  9. Im stuck on 360 level 11 famous people. Its a woman with black hair, thick drawn on eyebrows and glossy lips. She looks like she may be Spanish or something around that area. She has 3 letters in her last name and 5 in the first. The letters I have are: X, P, M, G, A, F, F, V, W, N, B, Q, E, O. Please help me!.

  10. Level 12 girl with brown hair and scarf with yellow stripes.

  11. Marylin Manson?.

  12. Easy.

  13. Lvl 2 puzzle #40, a green background with 3 arched lines. 7 letters, it’s a brand. Can anyone help?.

  14. Need help! Level 5 barand it s like orange 0 and circle around it
    11 word!.

  15. Level 8, Its a brand with a black and white mountain inside a bigger mountain shape, 10 letters, available letters are R,L, U, I , S, R, K, D, Q, I, V, A, E, U. Thanks for any help.