Icomania Cheats – iPhone, iPad and Android

Icomania cheats and answers. These Icomania answers will help you cheat in the game and solve every question. Icomania Android and Icomania iPhone are both the same game and app. These solutions for Icomania include the answers to famous people … Continue reading

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31 Responses to Icomania Cheats – iPhone, iPad and Android

  1. They updated the game.

  2. They created a level 5 at least and I need help lol.

  3. When you update the game, you get level 5.

  4. They made a new Icomania level.

  5. They got more levels :).

  6. Panda.Cute .Live.

  7. This look like the answers for icon pop quiz.

  8. I just made it to level 5. Just thought you’d like to know, thanks !.

  9. It is actually zuckerberg not zuckerburg.

  10. Ok no where on the internet can I find the answer for level 8. It is 6 letters, the letters are: G M L L U O (these are the 6 that are lefter after using the get rid of letters help) …….It is a picture of a gray colored alien looking creature the catagory is character. No idea what it is and can’t find the answer anywhere someone please help!!!.

    • Gollum, from Lord of the Rings. You’re welcome 😉 remember to share a link to Nerdr on Twitter and like it on Facebook too! Thanks.

  11. On level 3, what’s the pistol? There’s 3 words. 3 letters in the first, 2 in the second and 5 in the third word.

  12. There is a level 5 In Icomania now.

  13. Im on level 5. Would you please update this?.

  14. Im on level 8 245 help x.

  15. How about the brands?.

  16. Rubbish.

  17. Hey i cant find the cheat for a brand it has an e with a line above it if anyone can help that would be sooooo helpful thanks to all who created this website it is really helpful also i know rhis is not about the topic of chrats but i love CIMORELLI see i out it caps thats how much i love them.

  18. Does anyone know this one: Brand
    3 arched lines; dark blue, dark green, and faded green
    On a green background
    No one I know knows it!
    Letters: NNYFOSAYTIP.

  19. I have level 5 ;).

  20. Level 12 man with yellow shirt and brown short hair… letters are o k k n i r p t g i a c l a. Help!!!.