Icon Pop Brand Answers

Icon pop brand answers. These are the solutions and cheats to every question in icon pop brand for iPhone, iPad and Android. Icon pop brand is an app created by Alegrium games ltd.

Icon pop brand answers for level 1.

The white foot on blue background is Michelin.
Clown face is Mcdonalds.
Pringles is the red tower with the moustache man.
Adidas is 3 white stripes on black background.

Domino’s Pizza looks like a pizza slice.
Nickelodeon is the orange spash on black background.
Red Bull, blue and white tower.
Coca-Cola is the bottle of cola.

Yellow circle with cross in the middle is Louis Vuitton.
Lego is the answer to the yellow lego brick.

Chupa Chups, red circle on yellow behind.
M&M’s, I thought this was smarties first.
Singapore Airlines, I have no idea how americans will get this.
It looks like a soccer shirt, but is actually Mini.
Archery target is Target.

Icon pop brand solutions for level 2.

Blue can of drink is of course Pepsi.
Denim pocket with orange stiching is Levi’s.
Nike, the back of a train with AIR.
A red circle is the logo for Lucky strike.
White cross on a red background, just like the Switzerland flag: Swatch.
It looks like a tiger face, Cheetos.
The lamp from the Monsters inc movie is Pixar.
Orange, green and red flag like logo – 7-eleven.
A felt marker or highlighter pen, Stabilo.
The coffee bean & tea leaf
Axe, the body spray manufacturers.

Yellow cheese slice on a red background: Doritos
A green crocodile style shoe is Crocs.
A tiger jumping off a green car is Jaguar.
A lighter manufacturing company, Zippo.
Dove, a brand of soap.
Johnnie walker, it looks like a yellow english guy walking with a stick and top hat.
A can of drink, with 3 green claw marks is Monster energy.
Nokia 5110.
Looks like a light blue top of a pencil, Skippy.
Old judge like guy, Quakeroats.
Pampers, they make diapers.
Volkswagen type 2.
Vicks vaporub.
A very difficult question in the icon pop brand game: Fifa world cup.

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38 Responses to Icon Pop Brand Answers

  1. I don’t think so. I played Icomania as far as the game went. This one is listed as Icon mania with a picture of SpongeBob on the front. I’ve looked everywhere & can’t find cheats. It takes 27 coins to get a few letters removed. I downloaded it from The App Store.

  2. For page 1 on level 3 the second last answer is actually Ikea not idea just want to let you know otherwise perfect.

  3. Level 5 Page 1 Number 8 is Prayboy.

  4. White conversation bubble on green back ground?.

  5. Idea? Its calling ikea!.