Icomania Answers – iPhone, iPad and Android

Icomania Answers. These are all the answers to the Icomania app on iPhone, Android and iPad. These solutions and cheats for the Icomania game are spoilers so only use if you want to cheat. Icomania is made by Friends GMBH.

Level 1 Icomania answers. Level 1 to Level 11.

Batman. A picture of Batman.
Facebook. The blue thumbs up of Facebook.
Youtube. Red square button with white triangle arrow.
Lion King. Lion standing on cliff edge with sun.
Nemo. Red, orange and white fish icon.
Shrek. Green monster image is Sherk.
Will Smith. Obama with sunglasses is will smith.
France. Eiffel Tower is France and not Paris.
New York. Status of Liberty icon.
Italy. Picture of pizza on a green, white and red flag.

Level 2 answers for Icomania. Famous People. Level 12 to Level 45.

Johnny Depp. Light green man with hat and triangle beard.
Hangover. Man with beard and red glasses and a baby.
Intel. Blue logo with circle.
Robin Hood. Green bird and a bow and arrow.
Einstein. Person like a ghost with white hair.
Sherlock Holmes.
Darth Vader.
Simpsons. A picture of the Simpsons couch.
Pisa. Image of the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy.
Charlie Chaplin. Round bowler hat, cane or stick and a moustache.
Spotify. Green with green radio lines.
Zorro. A black mask on a yellow background.
Ghostbusters. TVs and Movies answers.
Flintstones. The dash is between flint and stones.
Harry Potter. A boy with brown hair.
Baywatch. Orange space shuttle.
Armstrong. An astronaut on the moon.
Egypt. Travel image of the pyramids.
Jurassic Park. The dinosaur logo from the movie.
Steve Jobs. Bald man with white earphones not headphones.
Windows. Picture of a window, what do you expect.
ET. Heart and alien picture.
MasterCard. The credit card company mastercards logo. They compete with Visa to see who can get people into the most debt.
Switzerland. A white cross on a red background. This is the swiss flag.
IKEA. Blue background with a yellow circle in it means Ikea, the furniture store.
Aladdin. Gold or yellow genies lamp.
Mexico. A mexican hat with a yellow and red pattern.
Pinocchio. Child with a long nose.
Avatar. A blue monster in tears with yellow eyes.
Ice age. A pine nut or acorn on some snow.
Sydney. The sydney opera house, a popular travel destination for millions of tourists.
Whatsapp. A green speach bubble.

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101 Responses to Icomania Answers – iPhone, iPad and Android

  1. Level 3 #58 character 4 letters butterfly on the tail off a reindeer.

  2. Level 11 picture 366 and ten letter.

  3. Manyspelling mistakes….

  4. This is cool.

  5. Im playing on windows phone but thought someone might be able to help. Its a red background, white logo that looks like a peacocks tail feathers. It has 6 letters, begins with h and has the letters; i i a u e w. Anyone know? Thanks.

  6. I have a light blue square with yellow eyes & white frevkles . Also it has dark blue stripes on the side.