Icon Pop Brand Answers - Page 2

A roman style warrior: is the logo for American express.
Steam coming out of a coffee cup is Nescafe.
Ring pop, it looks like a diamond ring.
The red chooolate bar with two sticks is Kit kat.
Kinder surprise, it is a german egg chocolate for children with a special toy inside.
NFL, stands for national football league, but they play with their hands.
Warner bros.
Red shoe on blue background in icon pop brand is Toms.
Harley-Davidson, a guy with long hair on a motorbike.
British Airways, the English flag on an airplane.
Dolby, this is the logo you see before every movie.

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38 Responses to Icon Pop Brand Answers - Page 2

  1. I don’t think so. I played Icomania as far as the game went. This one is listed as Icon mania with a picture of SpongeBob on the front. I’ve looked everywhere & can’t find cheats. It takes 27 coins to get a few letters removed. I downloaded it from The App Store.

  2. For page 1 on level 3 the second last answer is actually Ikea not idea just want to let you know otherwise perfect.

  3. Level 5 Page 1 Number 8 is Prayboy.

  4. White conversation bubble on green back ground?.

  5. Idea? Its calling ikea!.