Icon Pop Quiz Famous People Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android

Icon Pop Quiz Answers Famous People Answers. This walkthrough covers cheats for the Icon Pop Quiz Famous People stages. Cheats, hints and tips are included and every answer is given. Next I will make a guide to give help for … Continue reading

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398 Responses to Icon Pop Quiz Famous People Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. Hey thanks for the help. Pitbull is a main stream singer, I think pop an a little rapping. And Ryan seacrest is the host on American idol.

  2. Hey genius I love you nerdr. It’s Rihanna not rhianna.

  3. Ryan Seacrest is the American Idol Emcee. He is the one who talks to the people after their auditions.

  4. Pitbull is a cuban american rapper who lives in florida. He is famous songs such as back in time, i like it, i know you want me, give me everything tonight, dontstop the party, international love, bon bon, etc.

    Ryan seacrest ownes a radio station (102.7) and a tv production which produced keeping up with the kardashians, kourtney and kim take miami, etc. He is also a well known hollywood reporter.

    I hope this was helpful!.

  5. It’s Miley CYRUS not Miley yrus!!!!!.

  6. This is very helpful thanx.

  7. Ryan seacrest is the announcer on american idol. Pitbull is a famous singer.

  8. Ok. Ryan Secrest is the host on American Idol. Pitbull is a rapper/singer. He sings/raps with Usher a lot.

  9. I love you Nerdr! Have my babies.

  10. So easy just do 14 – 9 =5! 5!5! 5! 5!.

  11. Ryan seacrest is the host on American idol.

  12. Ryan Seacrest is the host of american idol.

  13. Are you CRAZY??????? You don’t even know who Pitbull is!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. There’s new ones now….

  15. Is Miley Cyrus not yurs!!!.

  16. Can you do levels after that? I updated the game.

  17. Pitbull is anamerican rapper.
    Ryan is the host of american idol.
    David foster is a legendary….. Pianist. Maybe he is leader of orchestra.

  18. David Foster is a very famous composer.

  19. Oh yeah, this was really easy, and I’m only 11.

  20. Party rocking to the house tonight, everybody just have a good time, and we gonna make you lose your mind, we just wanna see you…………… SHAKE THAT!!!!!!!!! EVERYDAY IM SHUFFLIN.

  21. Helped me out alot. Thanks for the help!!!.

  22. This is so easy.

  23. Wikipedia dot org/wiki/David_Foster

    He has more numbers one that all actual musicians….

  24. This helped me so much! Thanks!.

  25. I know who pitbull is

    Pitbull is famous for his singing. Or rapping.

  26. Ryan Seacrest from American Idol.

  27. You guys should extend levels to make more levels with answers good site. Really good this helped a lot other than that really helpful thanx a lot.