Icon Pop Quiz Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

Icon Pop Quiz Answers – TV and Film Level 2.

Sesame Street
Green Lantern
101 Dalmations
Finding Nemo
Jaws Piranha
The Little Mermaid
The Simpsons. Homers donut.
Alice in Wonderland
Kill Bill
The Punisher
The A-Team. Great A-team movie released last year.

The Devil Wears Prada
Charlie’s Angels
A Bug’s Life
Fantastic Four
Friday the 13th
Pan am
The Mummy
You’ve got mail
21 Jump street
Looney Tunes
The X-files

Brokeback Mountain
The Lorax
The Chronicles of Narnia
Space Jam
The Matrix
Ben 10
Mission Impossible
Lion King
American Pie
Rise of the planet of the Apes
Star Wars
This is it. Starring Michael Jackson.

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23 Responses to Icon Pop Quiz Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

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  2. You spelt Pan’s Labyrinth wrong, you have labryinth instead of labyrinth.

  3. The correct term for what Spock is doing is “Live long and prosper” :P.

  4. You spelt Pan’s Labyrinth wrong.

  5. Thanks!.

  6. Good answers.

  7. Thank you for the answers I bet my sister in all the levels……LOL.

  8. Where is level 2,3,and 4??!.

    • You go on the answers your want then you scroll down the page intill you get to where the pages are 1,2,3,4,5 they look like page numbers but they are the numbers of the levels .So you click on 2,3, and 4 because you want the answers to them done! Say thank you please back to me that will make me alot better.

  9. Skipped icon on level 2 slide 1 between jaws and Alice and wonderland…What is it???!!!.

  10. Sorry meant little mermaid.

  11. Jaws and Piranha are two separate answers. Piranha is after jaws.

  12. Easy.

  13. Tv and film level 3.

  14. Where is 234.

  15. Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hello !!! Got ya.

  16. U skipped one on the first page, u have jaws piranha and then little mermaid, u skipped the one between finding hemp and jaws piranha.

  17. It was a great solution…ran out of money of trying to figure out a lot of these answers…no need for that anymore lol..Thanks again.

  18. There all right.