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75 Responses to Ipod Frozen at Apple Logo Screen Solution

  1. I jailbroke it and i turned it off but after a while it didnt go to the home.

    • That does sound like the problem this should fix. If the solution in the article doesn’t work I’m not sure what to do next. (I’m not an expert on these things, it’s just what worked for me). Sorry!.

  2. Hi, this has happened to my iPod and im just starting the process now! But a few questions can it be under five minutes ?? Also every time i hard reset it do i have to try and turn it on each time to see if its worked or will that break the pattern, and i should just keep hard reseting it and it will happen ??.

    • It takes as long as it takes. Might work on the first try, might take 1 hour or more.

      After the reset the Apple logo will show. If it’s still showing after you’ve waited a few minutes then hard reset it again. It’s not exact or scientific, best to just feel it out, keep hard reseting every few minutes until it works.

  3. Ahhh dam i think i got the wrong idea, is this for restoring as well ??.

  4. Right after i hard reset it takes about five to 10 minutes then it turns off and on by itself is it supposed to do that.

    • It is not supposed to do that. Must be a dofferent problem I think. You might need to do a full restore on the device. For how to do that it’s best to ask on the Apple forum and they’ll tell you the details, and backing stuff up etc.

  5. Is It supposed to turn off by itself right after you reset it.

  6. Hey i’ve been resetting for like 30 mins or so and mine sometimes resets on its own. ?? Help please.

  7. I did the reset thing but now it is just a black screen and wont change at all. What should i do?.

  8. Hi, i think i have the same problem as the others except that mine also turns off by itself like 6 mins right after u reset. I think this happens to everyone’s iPod except u dont notice it since you turn it off in 5mins. Also i got a question, is it really the longer you wait, better the outcome of this method?

    And also i wonder if this whole method doesn’t damage the iPod’s system because you’re forcing it to shut down. Ok so i have already fully charged my iPod and im ready to start this method, this problem happened to my iPod like 2 days ago, for all those wondering if there’s another technique which doesn’t require to restore the iPod here it is: there isn’t.

    So far this method is the only one i’ve seen, and only once which is rare since if it really did worked it would show up on other websites, so that’s what gets me to think that maybe this method isn’t safe enough so im deciding weather to try it or not.

    Maybe you thought about letting the battery run until it dies, tried it but right after i connected it to charge, it was stuck in the same progress. I have let it alone for a whole day, then i try to turn it on again but its still stuck so i have to hard turn it off. So im hoping that this last method i found here does fix this problem without me restoring my iPod and losing all my data…. Thats all for now…. Hoping this method i stumbled upon works….

    • Let us know if it worked Misa!

      I think because your problem is different to the one explained in the article that the technique might not work for your case, but it will be interesting if it does work.

      Have you thought about taking it to the Apple store and letting a genius check it?.

  9. no i havent tried going to ask for help in a apple store but still im trying to solve this on my own… Btw, about the results: i tried this method last night for like 45 MINS but it didnt worked… Who knows if really the problem i have is diferent but i still tried it, but my iPod seems to still be stuck with the apple logo. I have done various research and i guess the only way is to restore the iPod, but from there there’s two ways: restore from backup; or from its original store settings ( this will delete everything ) but ive also heard that you can put the iPod in recovery mode by connecting it to the computer and holding both home and lock buttons for 10 secs but then you have to start the restoring progress… Well as a conclusion i was really hoping that your method would really work i mean restoring was and is my last option but idk what else to do. This seemed to work only for you. And to a couple ppl. Well im guessing ill restore it, i prefer my iPod working even if everythings erased then to my iPod to be broken and couldnt be fixed. Chances of this method to work 15%. Thx for the post anyway.

  10. I jailbroke my iPod, and I’ve done the hard reset and turning on and off thing about 10 times already, but it still doesn’t go to the home screen….

  11. Hey, my iPod is staying on the apple logo and every once in a while the screen will flash white for a few seconds then it will be stuck on the apple logo agin. My power button is broken so i can’t hold both buttons in at once. My iPod doesn’t show up on the computer when I plug it in could someone please help me a I have some really valuable photos on my iPod thanks!!!!!.

  12. My Home button is broken is there any other way.

  13. Deandre Dominique

    I had jailbreak for my iPod touch 4g and tried updating it to 6.1.3 directly from WiFi without removing jailbreak first. It turns on but it stays at the apple logo for a few seconds and then turns off and this repeats until the batteries drain. I tried doing what it says in the article but it switches on and off too quick.

  14. Okay well my ipod was being a little slow like it wouldn’t send a short message so I decided to turn it off but when I went to turn it on it was still on the Apple logo screen for like ten minutes do I did the hold the home and power button down for like seven seconds since it had frozen twice before but it didn’t work so I don’t know what to do and im freaking out!!!!!!.

  15. Brilliant Solution! Looked up many solutions (over 100) and this actually worked. You are a lifesaver.

    P.S: You might want to wait 10-15 minutes so to make sure the filesystem has loaded properly.

  16. Hi,
    I know this post was months ago now but hopefully you’re still keeping tabs! Almost a year ago now I had this problem. Apple logo loop. Fun times -.-
    Anyway, I just managed to complete a full restore of my iPod (Yeah its been a year… :D) and I got the “Your iPod has been reset to factory settings. It will now reboot and be displayed in the sidebar” (or whatever it said :D) and it stayed on the apple logo.
    So I’m trying out what you said and I’m really hopeful! Is what I have mentioned the problem that this is the fix for?
    Thank yooou x.

  17. After the hard resets does it automatically go to your lock screen.

  18. After I hard reset should I wait or automatically hard reset right when the load circle freezes??.

  19. OMFG THANKYOU SO MUCH.. IM SO HAPPY. It took 10 mins to sort itself out. PLZ FEEL GREAT ABOUT YOURSELF.. No need for a reply in anyway..