Logo Quiz Ultimate Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - comment page 1

Logo Quiz Ultimate Answers by Sebastian Willkomm. This walkthrough covers cheats for the Logo Quiz Ultimate stages and levels. Cheats, hints and tips are in the walkthrough guide and every answer is given. I hope these solutions are useful to … Continue reading

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12 Responses to Logo Quiz Ultimate Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - comment page 1

  1. Thanks for another guide Nerdr!.

  2. Umm… Armani? Lol.

  3. Some of your answers have spelling mistakes. But mainly I was wondering when you would update so the answers for the other levels would be available.

  4. Just a correction. Etihad is not a “cheap airline”
    It is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates.

  5. There is no answers for the new levels 11-23?? X.

  6. Okay first Of all Hugo boss is NOT Low end perfumes!! It is a High end luxeruios brand, that along with desinging clothes makes perfume! Second of all Rayban did NOT become popular because of men in black, by that time Ray bans brand was far higher then you would imagine!! If you must comment on the brands, do your self a favor and research!!.

    • Hugo is low end! It tried to be high end, but fails. Now you can buy it in walmart!!

      Rayban IS only popular because of men in black. Before that no one had even heard of them.

  7. No cheats for level 11 to 25.

  8. Hi i am after the answers for level 25 upwards.

  9. You should also give the sign with names…….. (idiots,duffer,stupid,dumbo and worlds biggest mad)………….