Why I want to buy an Ipad 2 and the challenge of the 3DS

Why to buy an ipad 2 now rather than later:

* Much slimmer, lighter design
* Much faster GPU custom built to run the best app store games
* CPU speed doubled, meaning pages load faster
* Thats pretty much it!

With a $100 price premium over a second hand ipad, is it worth it?  well thats up to you to decide.  You can sit there and keep reading review after review but at the end of the day you need to stop and make a decision.  Will you buy?  RIGHT NOW.  knowing what you know?  I did.  Heres a link to make it easy.

Amazon always have the cheapest price anyway so come one, treat yourself and click here to buy it now.

Will the Ipad 3 be released later this year?

Rumor has it that the Ipad 3 WITH RETINA DISPLAY(!!) could see a release as early as September THIS YEAR.  Why you may ask, well it has been rumored that Apple may attempt to schedule the release date of its three main products simulatneously heading their busiest selling period, ie. Christmas.

Now, on to today interview with gaming blog guru Michael Jenkins…

Apple is seriously pushing as usual.  A super slim design makes the IPAD 2 very nice to hold.  It contains the latest technological breakthroughs in graphics processing capabilities and CPU throughput times.  It is primarily to be used as a gaming device.  A definite contender against the new Nintendo 3DS.  But is it worth your time?

Is Nintendo scared of Apple and the app store?

Some have claimed that Nintendo has been working on borrowed time since the end of the Wii/DS super era.  Most will agree the 3DS is now lacking in that wow factor we all felt when it was first shown at CES.  Regy Filsame (Boss of Nintendo America) has gone on record as saying he sees Apple as a possible serious contender to the gaming market space.

Which Apple device would be the most serious contender to the 3DS?

This is a difficult question to answer.  First, lets take a look at the current product line offered by APPL:

* IPOD Touch
* Iphone 4
* Ipad 2

From these choices, which would you say is the best gaming device?

The ipad has the largest screen, the Iphone 4 has the highest usage rate and its the one you carry everywhere and finally the Ipod Touch is the one the kids use most due to the less than premium pricing making it more affordable for their tiny pockets.  I’d suggest that each of these products in its own way encroaches on Nintendos market share.  Leaving Nintendo wondering if their market-rug has been pulled out from under them while they were sleeping high on the mighty success of the Wii.  Massive falls in stock price towards the tail end of last year in particular should have been a clear warning sign to Nintendo that they were being out played by a very serious player.  They seemed to have moved too slow to protect their investment from risk in this situation.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo towards the end of this year?

I suggest we’ll see 3DS making no waves in the casual consumer market at all this year.  I think the 3DS will flop.  Their I said it!  its going to flop.  The 3d is gimmicky at best and the games are average.  The games are overly expensive when compared to the app store games, where one can grab a great little time waster for as little as $1.  With big brand names like EA and activision getting into the Iphone market too we will soon see even more market share move their way.

What does Nintendo have to offer those seeking entertainment in the modern marketplace?

Not much in my opinion.  Not very much at all.

PSP thoughts?

Wait and see…wait and see…

Ipad 2 link again incase you missed it the first time, click here to buy it now.

Have a great day and a BIG hello to all my fans in the US!

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  1. Cheater Mccheaty

    Couldn’t stop laughing at the 4th phrase. You really know how to write. Kudos to you.