Nintendo 3ds launch games gameplay videos all part 5

Now the final part of the series to help you choose your next 3ds launch game.  Today we will be covering the last set of games:

  1. Ridger Racer 3ds.
  2. Sims 3ds..
  3. Lego star wars 3d.

Ridge racer 3ds gameplay video
Very good video I think.  Professionally done, has a lot of talking because he’s losing.  Come on, we all make excuses to distract the people watching when we are losing haha.  Looks nice, but he says it is boring.  Watch to find out more.

Sims 3ds gameplay
This was very hard to find!  4 pages of youtube reviews before I found this sims 3d video.  Has talking, but good camera and shows the character creation/make a sim screen too.

Lego star wars 3ds gameplay
I admit.  This was the most difficult one to find good gameplay videos on and so their are two!  First, showing the top screen in nice high quality.  It is a trailer, but if you have ever palyed any lego game you will know they are all the same style.  Can be fun, but boring after level 8 of the same same.

and now as a bonus, here is a video showing the bottom screen too.  This is shorter:

Finished guys!  That is gameplay videos for 13 launch games for the 3ds.  I am exhausted and have counted 127 videos watched on youtube for this series of articles.

Good luck and I hope you find a good game from these gameplay videos for your 3ds!.

Please leave a message in the comments section below if you like this series.  If their is interest I will make similar articles for newer 3ds games in the future.

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