Perfect escape 2 walkthrough

Perfect escape 2 walkthrough

If you are stuck on the first perfect escape, see my first perfect escape walkthrough

Today Perfect escape 2 was free in the Apple iTunes store, so here’s the walkthrough for everyone. If you are from Flyhill games (feifei gao), please contact me using the contact details on the left. We need to talk.

When you pick things up, the tick button means take/use and the X is leave.

IF YOU FIND THE FRIDGE DOOR CODE PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW.. Fridge door code is different for everybody. Mine was 1235. To get yours you first make cake a small cake using flour and raw berries in the oven, this will make you a cake. Remember that’s RAW berries. Place cake on wood circle to get musical note paper. This is your code. One is at the bottom, each half line is one more. So my notes for 1235 were first note at the bottom, then the next half a line up, then the next another half line up, then the next a whole line up. Thats your code and everyones is unique.

Perfect escape 2 walkthrough

100g flour in kettle screen in kitchen, lower right cupboard.

Orange is on the berry picture screen in kitchen, in the fruit bowl.

Use orange in juice machine on red fridge screen to get orange juice.

On sink screen, zoom in on circle wood part on right hand side and use orange juice on it to get a key.

Use key on berry picture door in kitchen to unlock cake shop area.

Pick up coffee beans from table on big door screen.

Pick up note piece A from bookcase.

On the cake counter with light brown door screen there is a hidden coffee grinder on the left shelf. Click in that area and grind the coffee beans.

In kitchen use coffee machine near sink to make coffee from the coffee beans.

Place coffee you made onto wood circle in sink screen to get hammer (just like when you got the key).

Return to cafe area, use hammer on huge “juice coffee cake” poster screen to get the second part of the mysterious note from the hole you make.

Now we need to make some cake! So back to the kitchen, kettle screen, use the hammer on the top right glass cupboard to get the white sugar pot.

What does the note say?

Thanks to Questioner from the comments section below, the note in english is a recipe:
Flour jam egg cheese milk coffee juice sugar.

You need to get the ingredients, put them into the oven to make the correct item and put that on the shelf.

To get the berries for jam, go to the cafe screen, there you will find a zelmer juicer near the left cake display counter. Zoom in on the zelmer juicer, then you will see a sink on the right when zoomed in. Click the sink and you will find the berries. Use the berries in the juicer to get the jam.

To make the special cake, use flour, unprocessed berries (don’t make them into jam) and put in oven. Then put cake onto wood circle thing and you get a piece of paper with musical notes on it.

Inside the fridge you will find milk, philadelphia cheese and an egg.

Now make the big recipe of flour, jam, egg, cheese, milk, coffee, juice, sugar. Pick up delicious cake and place on wood circle to get golden key.

Use golden key on huge double door and we’re done!

Congratulations on finishing the game and have a nice day!

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36 Responses to Perfect escape 2 walkthrough

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  2. Hello,
    i need a code for the right door from the oven in the kitchen. Has anyone that code?
    Thank you.

    • Thats the fridge door…do you have the note? It’s written poorly so I can’t use OCR to read it…anyone translate?.

  3. Yes, its the fridge door. I have the english version.
    I put some things in the oven, but i get donuts or chocolate cake… and when i put this onto wood circle in sink screen i get a note “its useless”.
    I think i must put the things of the notice in the oven, the i get the right thing. But to get eggs and cheese i need the code for the fridge door, and i cant find a note to get that code.

  4. Sorry now I know what you mean: the note in english are the follow:
    Flour jam egg cheese milk coffee juice suger.

  5. To get the jam:
    On the right corner in the cake shop area is a mixer (in the middle was the coffee bean machine). Click on the mixer, now click right on the washbowl. There are berrys in there. Put the berrys in the mixer.

    • Just the code remaining unsolved…

      I tried 12:28 from the oven clock and 2.55 and 14.55 from the big clock…nothing. No idea how long the code is either.

      • Yes, thats exactly my problem. Hope we can get help from anyone….

        • I couldn’t find contact details for Flyhill or the creator feifei gao. Maybe try leaving a comment in a review asking for the code and hope they see it?

          Do you have any ideas what it could be? I tried different combinations in the oven and got nothing useful….

          • Questioner

            Yesterday i tried so many things. In the cake thop room right from the door is a rollo. I tried the points on there – nothing…
            I look map for cake shop room, see the round points (table and the cakes that i can see at the top with the map) and tried this as a code – nothing…
            so i definitly have no idea what it could be, and i need help.

            In the oven i think we get the right thing out, when we put all in what stands on the note. I think it is a “cake”, no “chocolate cake”, because of the hint in the cake shoop room on the wall: Juice coffee cake.
            Juice and coffee are the things we stand on the round wood, and have gotten things back. Now it is time to stand a “cake” in it i think, but this we get only with all the things on the note.

          • I agree, we need to get into the fridge. I tried the wine glasses in the cafe on the shelf as the code, 13212 …didn’t work…even considered the buttons on the microwave to be a code…ha…still nothing….

  6. The code for the fridge is”1236″
    To get this code just put those berries n flours into the oven. It’ll come out a blueberry cheese cake. Then sent this cake out by wooden tray.

    • Works, thanks and added to the guide.

      My fridge door code was 1235. Might be different for each game or a typo in your comment.

  7. To make cake:
    Caster Sugar
    Orange Juice

  8. Hello,
    a big thanks to anonymous for help.
    I have put flour and berrys into oven, get cake and received musical notes.
    But the code number does not work. How can i get my code for the fridge?.

    • Use the notes. Bottom note with a line through it is 1, and they go up in half lines. My code was 1235.

      • Yes! Now i have it. Thank you for your help!!
        My notes was going down, and my code was: 6531, but with your hint what is 1, it helped.

        • Looks like everyone has a different code then.

          Very interesting game with some great puzzles, even if it is a little short! Either way, I’m looking forward to what they’ll come up with in perfect escape 3.

  9. I finally can open the fridge! Thanks for your help! My fridge code is 2431.

  10. There’ll be other cakes come from the oven although i put the ingredients based on the note (my note is only a half of the whole note. Should I find the other part of the note?). How to make the real cake? I’m frustrated.

    • Yep, theres lots of fake cakes and buns that come out. The other part of the note is obtained by using the hammer on the big wall poster in the cafe area.

      For the quick cake, use flour, the unprocessed raspberries in the oven. Do not jam them! This makes a nice cake and you can then add it to the wood circle thing and get your musical notes.

  11. The code for fridge for me was 2431 and then OK and corresponds to fingering of the piano notes on the little musical note sheet. The notes were as follows: D F E C and would be fingered 2 4 3 1 on piano.

  12. I tried all variants of cakes and they don’t work. I put berries and flour, than berries and flour and sugar, than coffee and berries and flour, etc and doesn’t work!!!!! What’s the actual recipe? Thanks :-).

    • For the small cake you need Flour and raw berries. Make sure they’re raw and not processed into jam. Also, put the flour in first.

      For making the big cake, use the recipe from the note papers…see guide above for exact ingredients.

  13. Salut,je ne comprendre pas le truc de la note musical pour ovrir le frigo,s.V.P,une réponse en design,j’ai la note.Merci.

    • Bonjour victoria! It is the musical scale. The bottom is “1” the top is “7”. From the vertical position of the notes you can figure out the code. Hope that helps and sorry for my bad french.

      The first note position is first nmber, second note position is second number etc.

  14. What i get at the end is ethan kidnap the girl n “To be continued….”!!! What the sad ending!!.

    • I agree! This game has some very unusual storyline elements…wasn’t the first one about hypnosis or something?.

  15. My fridge code was also 1236. I am having problem with the last cake, imdid the last big recipe with the right ingredients and order but it keeping saying that is useless…it come out as a chocolate cake ( eventhoug thatnis not chocolate on recipe) and it takes me forever to get the coffe grinder on top,ofbthe shelf , imhave to tap 1000 times to zoom….

    • I can confirm the ingredients to make the last cake do work and give the key.

      Tips: Make sure everything is processed, nothing raw, and the correct order. Good luck!.

  16. Where is the sugar?.