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A quick walkthrough of perfect escape on the iPad. Perfect escape is created by Flyhill games and available from the app store. Go here for my perfect escape 2 walkthrough. Quick clue: check the map to see hidden items on … Continue reading

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30 Responses to Perfect escape walkthrough - comment page 1

  1. Where’s the left leg of the wooden puppet? I can’t find it….

  2. Where’s the bathroom?.

  3. Where is all the wooden puppets part? I can’t find the leg….

  4. Where is the leg part?.

  5. Where is the wooden puppet leg?.

  6. How do you find all the wooden doll pieces ? I can’t find the right arm D: pls help.

  7. Where is the bathroom, I don’t find it anywhere?.

    • Ter, the bathroom is through the door you see between the tv screen and the mirror screen.

      Build the doll, put on bike, turn on the power, then play the tv game to get the key to open the door to the bathroom.

  8. Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!

    I would have never found the scissors without the map thing.

  9. How to turn off the electric bath?How to drain the water in it?.

  10. Where is the YSL bottle/tag?.

  11. Where are all the items( tags/bottles)??.

  12. Hello,

    now i play perfect escape 2. Has anyone the code for the door in the kitchen in the first room?.

    • I’m working on a perfect escape 2 walkthrough right now. Leave tips if I miss things on the comments for that page please!.

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  14. How to get the LV tag? I got the other tags or bottles already, just missing the LV one.

  15. How to get the key over the drawer under the till?? I csnt find it!.

    • Hui, do you mean the key from the till? You have to scan the 4 items into the till in the correct order (use them at the till screen). The correct order can be seen when you use the perfume on the poster on the tv screen!.

  16. Owh i see thx!:).

  17. The LV tag is on the white bag on the zoomed screen on the power wall.

    I cannot find the boss tag, where exactly is it? There is no bag on the bottom left of the TV screen.

    • Keep tapping around, it’s very hard to hit the right point, but aim for the bottom left of the shelf. The tiny bit of the shelf you can see on the left side of the TV screen, to the left of the bag.

      Although the game resets after you finish so I can’t check it, so do let me know if you find it somewhere else and i’ll update the guide for others to see.

  18. Finaly found it, on the screen with the bathroom door press on the left side of the bag under the ship and it zooms so you can see the boss tag.

  19. How many levels of the fruit game do u have to play I find the 2nd level too hard??.

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  21. Thanks for the help. I used a few of your tips to successfully finish Perfect Escape I.

  22. How do u get the Scissors in perfect escape?.

  23. Where is the perfume in Perfect escape, I looked everywhere and clicked everywhere but couldnt find it?.