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Perfect Escape 3 Walkthrough

Perfect escape 3 walkthrough.

Today I downloaded Perfect Escape 3 by Flyhill games from the App store, so here’s the walkthrough for everyone like last time. Perfect escape 3 is an escape the room style game, with realistic 3D modelled graphics.

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Perfect Escape 3 walkthrough

You start perfect escape 3 with a set of tools in the psych room, and that’s where we’ll start this guide.

Get the musical note from the table.

A bottle of Gucci perfume near the left books on the bookshelf.

Use tools on locked door and solve the spot the difference minigame to unlock it. Left house, right red house, bottom flower, right cloud, top left sparkle part.

In wood room with big window and clock tower, on screen with shelves and wine bottles, on the left there is a wooden circle like in perfect escape 2. Check it to get orange juice. On this same screen is a hammer in the second drawer from the left at the bottom.

From TV room, unlock perfect escape 3 bath room.

Go back and unlock the door leading to the bedroom using the tools as before.

Enter bedroom. Under bedside drawer, there is a golden key. Also take TV remote control from on top of the bedside drawer.

In bedroom on left side there is a fake wall. Use hammer on it to see hidden cheerleader behind bars! Ethan is crazy. She asks for a drink.

Give her orange juice. Her name is Sara and she is still thirsty.

Go to bathroom. Use gucci spray bottle on mirror screen to unlock code in roman numerals. V is a 5 and add 1 for each I.enter the code in the television to u lock the cabinet drawer. Pick up the revolver.

In Television room, on the screen with the 1,2,3 Images. Under the left cushion, on the small lamp side. Touch there to zoom in and get the small silver key.

Use silver key when zoomed in to the wood circle to get coffee.

Return to bedroom and give coffee to Sara. Now she’s hungry! So let’s get her something to eat…

Place hammer on wooden circle in television room to get the delicious Raspberry cake. Give the raspberry cake to Sara. She mentions a secret passage which you’ll see hidden in white on the map screen. She won’t tell you how to get it until you feed her more. Ungrateful!

Place the musical notes on the wooden circle to get the coffee jam cake. Give it to Sara for the metal ring-pull in return.

Place yellow key on wooden teleport circle. It vanishes.

Use ring-pull on left hand side of cabinet under mirror in bathroom to hear an unlocking sound in the other room. You must place yellow key on wooden circle thing before you can attach the ring-pull. No idea why…

Go back to the television room to see your new door. Unlock using the tools and complete mildly unusual find the difference game. Theres no penalty, so just keep tapping if you get stuck.

Once unlocked, enter the door to reappear in the level from Perfect Escape 2!

Use tools to unlock door beside cake counter top.

On your middle of the top shelf on the bookcase, in the cafe room, you will zoom in on the basket to get a bullet.

Now go to the door with the eyehole. Tap on the eyehole to look through…tap again for dialog. No spoiler here. Now the door should open.

Use revolver to handle the situation. Instant stand up and time to get outta here! Grab the hacksaw in the cupboard on the lower right, under the smashed glass cupboard.

Use hacksaw on Sara to free her.

Leave using the white door in the starting room.

Perfect escape 3 walkthrough and guide completed! I can’t be the only one looking forward to part 4!

Perfect escape 3 review

Perfect escape 3 is an awesome game. Play it for the loose, curve ball story. The Detailed 3D model graphics make perfect escape 3 a very nice looking game. The game is translated from Mandarin Chinese, hence the English is way off base, but this adds to the weird roller-coaster storyline.

The puzzles in Perfect Escape 3 are perfectly balanced. Not too easy and not too difficult, unlike the cake puzzle of perfect escape 2 which was practically impossible to complete without trying every combination of items!

Each game of perfect escape so far has built upon the puzzles in previous games. So in 3 we see the coffee shop from 2. We also help the character in perfect escape 2 escape in 3, partially solving the mystery of the wooden circle in the kitchen.

In conclusion, I would recommend Perfect Escape 3 with 5/5 stars if you love using your imagination and weird story-lines. 3/5 if you don’t. The graphics give perfect escape 3 that extra edge in recommendation, keeping it above other simple escape the room style games.

Perfect escape walkthrough

A quick walkthrough of perfect escape on the iPad. Perfect escape is created by Flyhill games and available from the app store. Go here for my perfect escape 2 walkthrough.

Quick clue: check the map to see hidden items on top of shelves.

There are two rooms, the shopping room and the bathroom. This walkthrough for perfect escape on ipad is not in order because I was typing quickly. Sorry!

Use items in perfect escape by clicking on them and if you are in a place you can use them it will show option to “use”.

The shopping area items are most difficult to get, and the tags for the till. You need two tags and two bottles. use scissors on some of the screens to cut tags from items. The game will not tell you when an item has a tag, so keep tapping all the shelves and items, then open scissors. If it says use then that item has a tag and can be cut.

The perfume near the shopping till is used on the tv screen and the big mirror in the bathroom.

Use map view to find scissors on top shelf and spanner for rust in toilet room.

Use scissors to cut labels off some handbags. Cleanser and dior are in bathroom. One on window near vase, the other near the sink. You need to scan four designer items in total to open till. The order you scan them is found by using perfume on the fashion poster in tv screen.

Make wooden doll and use on small bicycle to get key to power. Switch on power using switch in the green box. You can now use the TV and shopping till.

Set time on clock the same as the big clock tower in the window.

Play tv game to get key. You don’t need to finish the second level!

Use Perfume on tv screen to show brand names on poster. Find these 4 tags/bottles and use on till in order as on the right side of the poster to unlock drawer under till and get key to exit.

Gun on bottom side of toilet.

Bullet in bath, will need to turn power off first. The spanner for the rust is on top of the door, use map to see where it is. Use spanner on tap and this will drain the water.

Use perfume on big mirror in bathroom to see poorly translated clue!

Shoot mirror in shopping room with gun using bullet, then use key to go through and exit. Well done!

The shopping area needs lots of tapping to find hidden things, just keep trying. Perfect escape can be finished, so don’t give up.

Thats the end of the perfect escape walkthrough! I hope you found it helpful. It’s a very short game and for a review it is good if it is free, but I would not pay because it is too short. I got perfect escape free on a free download day.

Update 2 main questions from the comments that you guys are stuck on. Where is the bathroom? And location of all doll pieces…so here goes!

1. Where is the bathroom in perfect escape?

The bathroom is behind the door between the TV and the mirror screens. You will need the key. Make the doll, put doll on bike, get key for power, switch on power, play TV game (you don’t need to finish the second level!!) then key appears under the TV. Use this key to open the bathroom door.

2. Doll piece locations in perfect escape:

Left leg: on power switch screen (green box on wall screen). It is near the white handbag.

Right leg: top shelf under clock. Check map to see location.

Left arm: under middle.helmet in screen with lots of shelves (go 1 left from tv screen).

Right arm: under seat in tv screen.

Head: set clock time to match clock in window. Head appears.

Torso/main body: On helmet screen with lots of shelves, same screen as left arm. It is near the vases on the far right of the screen.

Hope that helps you guys complete perfect escape.

Extra update: anonymous asked in the comments: how to turn off bath in perfect escape and drain water?

First you turn the power off, this stops the shock you get when you touch the bath. Then check the map while you are in the bathroom. You will see the spanner, I think it was above the door. Use this to stop the water, this will automatically drain the water and you can get the bullet.

Anonymous asked: where is the YSL tag?

The YSL handbag tag is on one of the handbags in the main shop area. Click the handbag, then tap on the scissors you’ve already collected and choose “use” to cut the tag. I think the handbag is on the TV screen, bottom left. Difficult to click in the right area, aim for the left side of the bag slightly to zoom it in. For the other tag, try all the items in the shop area until you find the right one. It’s difficult to click in the right place for this part, but keep trying!

Where is the LV tag?

DA from the comments provides these details: The LV tag is on the green power switch screen. Click the white handbag to zoom in, then use the scissors to clip the tag. Done!

Myles asks: where are all the tags/bottles in perfect escape?

Two bottles in the bathroom, one near the sink and the other is near the vase near the window. The two tags are in the shopping room. Click around to zoom in on items, then try to use scissors. i think one is on the power switch wall side and the other on the bathroom door screen under the boat, bottom left handbag. You cannot see the tags, so you have to just try the scissors on every item once zoomed in.