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Doors & Rooms Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Doors and Rooms walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Doors and Rooms app is created by Gameday games. This guide for Doors and Rooms contains help, hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are spoilers because this guide tells you how to open the door.
Chapter 1 Rusty Key.

Stage 1-1 Just open the door!

Stage 1-2 Tap the lock at the bottom right of the door and tap again to slide it open.

Stage 1-3 Pick up the hammer. Use the hammer on the glass box to get the key.

Stage 1-4 In the top drawer of the cabinet is a egg key thing. In your inventory, select the blue egg thing with the key inside and tap “dismantle”. Now select and use the key to open the door.

Stage 1-5 Pick up the batteries in the middle of the room, and the remove hidden on the left side of the floor. In your inventory select both the batteries and the remote. Now tap “combine” to combine the items. Select the combined item and use it on the mouse hole near the door. A toy train will appear with the key to the exit.

Stage 1-6 Check the note on the left of the screen to read 2531. Enter this code into the code panel on the other side of the door. Get the key inside the code box and exit.

Stage 1-7 Pick up the present box on the floor. Open it in inventory and choose to dismantle it. Select the TNT and choose use. Open the top of the fridge unit. Place the TNT inside the fridge unit and close the door. After the fridge is damaged the door will automatically open.

Stage 1-8 Look down. Notice the big letter E on the floor? Go to the code panel near the door and press the buttons in an E shape. This will open the door to the room.

Stage 1-9 Press the panels on the floor in order for the key to be lowered. 2314 worked for me, but it might be random! Nerdr.com. Once the key is lowered pick it up and open the door to leave the room.

Stage 1-10 Remember skull. Key on door. Door&Room solution. The code is 7239. This answer comes from the key shapes so far. The keys for the levels were shaped like a card figure.

Rusty key levels completed.