Doors & Rooms Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Chapter 3 Silent Hospital. Finally Doors and Rooms becomes an interesting game!

Stage 3-1 Check the box on the floor to pick up the WD40. Use the WD40 to clean the back plate of the Ambulance. This will show code 5728. Tap on the back door to the ambulance (with the chains). Enter the code 5728. Open the backdoors and get the crowbar. Use the crowbar on the right door, enter and start the Ambulance. Look at the back lights on the Ambulance to see Yellow, green, red, blue. Enter this as the main code on the main door to enter the room.

Stage 3-2 Dr. Vincent office. On the bookcase you will find a CD. Dismantle this to get just the CD without the case. Insert the CD into the mac to see a spreadsheet and formula. the formula is C4+A3+B1-E3. Notice the bookshelf looks like the spreadsheet in Doors and Rooms. The boxes are:

C4 = 1221
A3 = 1983
B1 = 2485
E3 = 2012

Finding the answer to the equation gives 3677. Enter this as the safe code. The safe is on the bookshelf at square F2. Now you will have the key to exit the room by the door.

Stage 3-3 Open the drawer to get the business card. Askari Hospital. Department of Internal Medicine, Doctor Vincent. 961 5562 1485.

The code for the suitcase on the drawer is 1485. Open the briefcase to get the USB key. Inset the USB key into the projector in the room. Sila, Ruly, Uj and Aska.

Pick up the clipboard under the briefcase. Choose to observe it in your inventory to see a chart.

Date, Name and Blood type.
4.4 Aska Rh-A
1.3 Ruly A
3.5 Uj Rh-O
5.1 Sila AB

Move to the main big code box near the door. Light up the following:
Row 1 – 5 = B.
Row 2 – 5 = R.
Row 3 – 1-7 = Stomach.
Row 4 – 4-8 = Lung.
Row 5 – 3-7 = Liver.

This will complete a crossword type puzzle and open the safe. Inside the safe is a spine with SHADOW inscribed. Place this spine piece on the right drawer in the square hole at the top. In the spine shadow you will see the door code 31371. Enter this code in the main door to open and exit the Dr Vincents room. Very fun puzzle to exit this room.

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141 Responses to Doors & Rooms Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. Do you know the answer to 2-11. It’s the baseball one.

    • The doors and rooms 2-11 answer is in the guide Jenny. It’s in the walkthrough just after the end of chapter 3 because it was in an update not in the original game.

  2. I have no idea how to do 1-12. Help!.

  3. Ahh! I have finally figured out how to get that code for stage 4-9. On the note says “New Sense of Lady”. As the code consists of 8 digits, the words “New Sense” fit in just nice. The portrait on the left represents “North” (note the letter “N” on the wall). “New” simply means “North”, “East”, “West”. Taking the clue of number of jewels on the lady’s necklace, you figure out the rest. :D.

  4. Anybody have any idea how to get 815 in stage 4-10? Spent like 3 days thinking about but still don’t get it, and it’s bothering me! Sure, the 3 stars from each side adds up to the number of the left and right wall, and the planet-like windows definitely meant something.

    • The room is a clock. The moon beams are the hands. The little hand is at 8, the big hand is at 3, which is 8:15.

      • Sorry, I must be very stupid, because I don’t see how you can see a “big hand” and a “small hand” and even less how you get 8:15 out of it….

  5. Uhm how do I do 4-6? My screen is completely blank, no shiny light what so ever. I tried tapping around randomly but doesn’t help. Please help.

    • Hey try holding and dragging the screen because mine was like that too. The light is in the bottom-ish right corner and isn’t very big.

  6. Are you supposed to find a handle for the axe in doors and room 5-1? I seem to find everything in the room but still can’t get out.

  7. @ Lina
    Use sword on floor,right in the middle.

  8. Anyone know how to solve the door puzzle on stage 5-3? The puzzle with the red lions and blue eagles.

  9. How do you get through level 5-2? The one with the chicken on the table..

  10. Have to turn everything to lions and door will open.

  11. That was easy.

  12. Level 5-2? Help.

    • Tina, solution to chapter 5 of doors and rooms are in the chapter 5 guide. Go to the last page of this guide and there should be a link in blue, or look for a link in some of the comments just before this one.

  13. What is with the super creepy eyes behind the door in 4-7, are they important at all….

  14. Has anyone solved 3-8 in Chapter 3? I’m stuck and didnt see it in the walkthru or the comments. Thanks.

    • Quick Chapter 3 Stage 3-8 Doors and Rooms solution for you Mr Wixt. The fallen doctor has a torch in his top pocket. The right trolley has a package hidden under the blanket. Dismantle the package to get a tape. Use the tape on the television to run the news. Note the news channel is called ELSI news. ELSI is 1573 upside down and backwards!

      Enter 1573 in the teddy to get the heart piece. Dismantle the teddy heart to get the three screwdrivers set. Tap near the PIT in the word HOSPITAL on the main ASKARI HOSPITAL counter. Use the torch on this area and it will light the underside of the desk. Get the screwdriver that you can now see under the desk.

      Near the fallen doctor is a wheelchair. Tap this wheelchair and use a screwdriver to open the panel. Inside are three batteries to take. There is a yellow and red toy robot on the floor in the middle of the lobby. Tap this robot, use a screwdriver and extract some batteries from it. Dismantle the torch twice to get another battery.

      Tap around the presents near the Christmas tree to zoom in to a battery holder. Place the 5 batteries you have. The main three go on the right, the set of two batteries goes on the left. The final battery from the torch goes in the top left.

      The final code to exit Stage 3-8 is 583271496.

  15. Level 2-8…. Can’t seem to be able to pick up all the coins There are 7 that I apparently can’t get. Have tapped the screen everywhere and nothing else is happening. Please help!!!.

  16. Hey on level 4-6 after I open the mummy’s mouth I can’t get any letters like it says I keep getting game overs.
    Can anyone help me please?.

  17. 2-14 please :(.

    • Doors and Rooms Chapter 2 stage 2-14 solution. A 1 means light it and a 0 means do not light. Top row: 000, second row 110, third row 111.

  18. What is the logic behind the final answerin stage 3-8?.

  19. Is there any way to open all levels? When i updated the game, the new levels needed to be opened by purchasing. Any other way? By new levels i mean stage 3-8, 2-14 2-13 2-12 etc.

    • Not that I know. The strategy for Doors and Rooms is to keep releasing updates and charging people more and more gold coins to unlock them. Then selling those gold points for money.

  20. I need help with the first stage of claustrophobia(4-1)… I don’t know what to do with the floor and numbers. Help!.

  21. Hello world.

  22. For claustrophobia 4 I don’t get how to use an abacus.

  23. Does anyone know the code for 4-11? I’m kinda stuck.