Icomania Answers – iPhone, iPad and Android

Asnwers for Level 3 of IcoMania. Levels 46 to 82 My Icons.

Rio De Janeiro.
Visa. The credit card company logo for Visa.
Indiana Jones. A rolling rock and a whip.
Pacman. Yellow pizza with one piece taken out.
Las Vegas.
Star Wars.
Jack Sparrow.
Justin Bieber.
San Francisco.
Men In Black.
Audi. White mask on back background with a big red letter A.
Micket Mouse.
Simba. The tiny lion from the Lion King movie.
The Matrix.
James Bond.
Rome. The popular colloseum tourist attraction in Italy.
Finding Nemo.
Ebay. Red, blue yellow and green letters.
Kenny. The child from Southpark.
Gandalf. A wizard in a blue hat smoking a lightbulb.
Knight Rider.
Obama. The most powerful man in the world.
Skype. A blue blob or cloud.
Wilson. A white w on a red background.

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101 Responses to Icomania Answers – iPhone, iPad and Android

  1. Level 3 #58 character 4 letters butterfly on the tail off a reindeer.

  2. Level 11 picture 366 and ten letter.

  3. Manyspelling mistakes….

  4. This is cool.

  5. Im playing on windows phone but thought someone might be able to help. Its a red background, white logo that looks like a peacocks tail feathers. It has 6 letters, begins with h and has the letters; i i a u e w. Anyone know? Thanks.

  6. I have a light blue square with yellow eyes & white frevkles . Also it has dark blue stripes on the side.