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Buying Ipad 2 already have Ipad 1

buying an Ipad 2 when you already have an Ipad 1?

Someone asked me today, Should they buy an Apple Ipad 2 if they already own the Ipad 1? My advice to them was a fairly clear no.  Admittedly, it was not a 100% clear answer of NO.  Just a pretty sure its a no on the buy.  Here are the reasons I gave:

  • Ipad 3 coming in September with possibly rumored to be retina display.  Thats just 6 months away to the ipad 3.  At the moment, the Ipad 2 display is a significantly lower resolution than what it should be as far as i’m concerned.  It needed to have the retina display, but apple and steve jobs decided not to go for it.  It just really seems like the Ipad 2 is Continue reading