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Whats My IQ App Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

What’s my IQ ™ app Guide comes in Pro and normal versions for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  HD and non HD are available from the App store.  What’s my IQ 100 questions was made by Orangenose studios and attempts to test your creative thinking skills.  Here are the puzzle solutions for those looking to cheat with puzzle answers.

Puzzle 1 – Slide to the LEFT!.

Puzzle 2 – What number is the biggest? 36 is the biggest number in size.

Puzzle 3 – 5 is equal to 1.

Puzzle 4 – Mary is the sister-in-law of my dad’s only brother.  What is Mary to me? Mother.

Puzzle 5 – Which number is the smallest?  click on “number”. Checkpoint reached.

What’s my IQ app guide and walkthrough – Question 6 – Biggest possible number? 999.

Puzzle 7 – Which direction is the torchlight facing?  It’s facing the LEFT button.

Puzzle 8 – If there are 6 sisters in a family, each has 1 brother, how many children in total in the family? 7, they all have the same brother guy.

Puzzle 9 – Tear the note into 2 pieces.  Hold the left and right side and tear the dollar note into two.

Puzzle 10  -How many candles on the cake? 0 The candles are not on any cake!

Puzzle 11 – Correct the arrows – hold up the iPod, iPad or iPhone so the UP arrow is pointing up.

Puzzle 12 – Which direction is the torchlight SHINING again? NONE.

What’s my IQ guide Puzzle 13 – Tap the pail with water.   Touch and hold the words PAIL and WATER at the same time and release.

Puzzle 14 – Clean up the car.  Scrub the car with your finger until it is clean. Nerdr.com

Puzzle 15 – Puzzle is to create an Earthquake – shake device until the bling.

Puzzle 16 – Correct the left arrow.  Correct the Arrows again.  Rub the ‘s’ from “Arrows” until it disapears.

Puzzle 17 – Tap quickly reflex test with lightbulb.

Puzzle 18 – Put all objects into the dotted lines.  Put the odd triangle shape into the star shape.

Puzzle 19 – Tap all the EVEN numbers.  Remember to tap the word “even”.  22, 14 and EVEN.

Puzzle 20 – Which pail has water again? Tap the pail with water again. Turn device upside down and tap the bucket with water coming out of it.

What’s my IQ walkthrough from http://nerdr.com – Puzzle 21 – What color is the opposite of Blue? Answer is Brown.  I have no idea why.