Whats My IQ App Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

Puzzle 22 – How many apples are there on the tree?  Shake the ipod, ipad or iphone and you will see some fall.  6 is the answer.

Puzzle 23 – Which pail is different? Second pail is different because it contained water in a previous question!

Puzzle 24 – Mary’s father has 5 daughters.  First is Nana, second is Nene, third is Nini and forth is Nuno.  What is the name of his fifth daughter? Answer is Mary.  Tap on the name MARY in the question, it’s the first word of the question.

Puzzle 25 – Pay for the bread question on What’s my IQ app.  Split the bread into two pieces using your fingers.  pay $1.10.

Puzzle 26 – Find x in the triangle.  Tap on the letter X in the diagram near the angle.  Literally, find the x in the triangle.

Puzzle 27 – Align the stars horizontally.  Cover the question itself with the stars.  Because the word “stars” is also a star.

Puzzle 28 – Puzzle to type the smallest possible number.  Minus 99, -99.  Tap and drag up the left underscore to make it into a minus sign and select 9 and 9.

Puzzle 29 – Put some pepper on the soup.  Drag the pepper shaker under the WORD soup and hold device upside down and shake.

Puzzle 30 – How many holes are in this t-shirt? 8 holes!  4 original holes and 4 from the cuts (front and back).

Puzzle 31 – Help Peter return safely home.  Drag the clouds together over the fox to make it rain.

Puzzle 32 – Create a no smoking sign – Drag the “no smoking” from the question to the red circle.

Puzzle 33 – Wear this cap.  Hold device above your head. Nerdr.com

Puzzle 34 – Identfy the grammar mistakes, if you likes this game, you will enjoy stupidness 2 & 3 too.  “Likes” in answer and “MISTAKES” in the question itself.

Puzzle 35 – Roll the dice, guess how many points are there on the dice? 21 dots on a dice.  seven is always the sum of opposite sides on a dice.  7 times 3 is 21.

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9 Responses to Whats My IQ App Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

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  2. I know why it is because the directions are brown haha.

  3. I know why because the phrase sentence “opposite of blue ” is color brown so theyre asking for the color of the phrase color of blue
    P.S. Im just thirteen heheheheh.

  4. A round of applause for your blog post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  5. I am playing with my iPad and I cannot find all the answers on your page. You are missing some, like how many apples are on the tree. I’m stuck! Help me please!.

  6. You forgot # 23.