Whats My IQ App Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 3

Puzzle 36 – Which compass is pointing to the North? Drag the word NORTH to anywhere that a red compass point is pointing.

Puzzle 37 – Burst the balloon from right to left.  Turn device upside down so left is right and right is left.  Then drag the dart over the baloons to pop.

Puzzle 38 – Take a photo of the star within the frame.  Move the white frame from the right to the left of the screen.  Take photo of the star.

Puzzle 39 – Which animal does not belong in the same group? Drag cat from the word catfish and tap it.

Puzzle 40 – Nearly done…just 10 more to go.  Tap on the biggest camp fire.  Drag and drop all campfires on top of each other to make a huge campfire.

Puzzle 41 answer -Help John he forgot his umbrella.  Use two fingers and split the rainy cloud.

Puzzle 42 answer – Make the weight up to 25kg.  Add the 20kg and the 10kg, then slowly rotate the iPod, iPad or Apple iPhone device to get to 25kg.

Puzzle 43 answer – Which fish is different? Drag away the top second fish.  This has a fish underneath it with only two yellow stripes.  Tap the two fin fish.

Puzzle 44 answer – Wake up your sleeping neighbour.  Keep tapping on the doorbell until you hear the bling.

Puzzle 45 answer – Tap the smallest cloud.  Split the smallest cloud into two pieces using your fingers.  This is the smallest cloud.

Puzzle 46 – Find the owl.  Since owls only appear at night, drag the sun down to the bottom of hte screen to show him.  Then tap the owl.

Puzzle 47 – What is the largest living bird in the world?  Spell it.  Haha, the oldest joke in the world.  Just spell out I-T.

Puzzle 48 – Charge up the batteries.  Press and hold the charge button to charge the batteries fully.  Takes a few seconds, so wait for it.

Puzzle 49 – Open the safe box.  Tap the 1st, 3rd and 5th black buttons on the box.  Then press the open button.

Whats’ my IQ app Puzzle Question 50.  The final question for what’s my IQ! – Complete the sequence 1,4,7,11,15.   18 is the answer because it contains 8 letters.

Yay we have completed all 50 puzzles in the What’s My IQ app…or have we?  yes we have.

If you purchased the upgrade or pro version to get the questions from 50-100 of What’s my IQ App Pro and need a guide or walkthrough with cheats see the Nerdr.com guide for What’s my IQ Pro.  If you have not already purchased the premium $0.99 version I do not recommend it really.  It’s just not that fun once you have done the first 50 questions.

What’s my IQ app free version review

I enjoyed my time with what’s my IQ app because it’s free.  The puzzles are too random to be much fun without this guide I have made here on Nerdr.com.  I prefer riddles.  Still, for the price of free I like it.  5/5 stars for What’s my IQ app in the App store.

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  2. I know why it is because the directions are brown haha.

  3. I know why because the phrase sentence “opposite of blue ” is color brown so theyre asking for the color of the phrase color of blue
    P.S. Im just thirteen heheheheh.

  4. A round of applause for your blog post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  5. I am playing with my iPad and I cannot find all the answers on your page. You are missing some, like how many apples are on the tree. I’m stuck! Help me please!.

  6. You forgot # 23.