The Curse Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

The Curse walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Curse app is created by Mojo Bones Ltd. and Toy Box.  This guide for The Curse contains hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are spoilers. … Continue reading

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    20 – HAMILTONIAN #1.

    • Because you asked nicely, Puzzle 20 – Hamiltonion 1. Starting from the top left corner. All along top, down to bottom, left 1, up 4, L1,U1,R1,U1,L4,D1,R2,D1,L2,D1,R3,D3,L1,U2,L2,D1,R1,D1,L2, UP ALL THE WAY TO THE FINISH. Congratulations Nerdr, Hamiltonion 1 completed.

  2. Hi, stuck on 43. Lucas Problem. Any help pleeeease. Don’t understand the above solution :(.

    • Kristy, there is a better solution somewhere in the comments!.

    • 1.Move 1 gold piece
      2. Move 2 silver pieces
      3.Move 3 gold pieces
      4.Move 4 silver
      Not sure how many pieces are there so i’m gonna say 5 (if there are 4, never mind the steps with 5 pieces)
      5.Move 5 gold
      6.Move 5 silver
      7.Move 4 gold
      And keep on moving until you have no moves left with that color, then switch color and keep moving until you have no moves with that color (and switch).

  3. I’ve posted all the lights out from#1-#7 before steve did.

    • Vie, correct, you did. However, from a quick look of the link I thought it was a copy of the light positions at the start of the puzzle.

      If I make another round of updates to the main The Curse App guide I will add your solution too, but you are correct, you were first.

  4. Anyone help with 47 – Burn The Rope #4 ? Pleeeeeeeeese ? :-).

  5. All Sliding Blocks puzzles 1-10 video instructions https://vimeo.Com/48826943.

  6. Can someone please help me with 90 – the circular picture i just dont understand it! And also the code box -34- with this one ive got 6 twice but nothing seems to happen? Driving me insane! Just need these two till im at 100 pleaseee help me.

  7. Please .. The answer to 92- lights out? It’s driving me mad! :).

  8. There are many solutions to the solitaire one. Search “peg solitaire” and head to the wiki where answers in 31 moves are linked.

  9. Hello again. I’m struggling with magic squares puzzle 70. You have a solution but the puzzle is random. Anyone have any general tips?
    Thanks :).


    96 – LIGHTS OUT?
    68 – SOLITAIRE?

    • Don't ask who i am

      Just tips
      72. Try to make as many white lines as you can. For the reels you can’t untangle, figure out which reel to go in the center. If you can’t untangle a reel on either side of the other reel, then it involves more reel than you think.
      Basically just try to make as many white lines as possible

      74. This puzzle takes patience. Try to illuminate 2 lights at once, then pair 2 pairs of light up. When you can light up 4 at once, try to illuminate 1 or 2 more lights into that combination. Hard part? Although you may be able to light up 9 at once, but doing it takes many attempts, keep trying, you’ll get it closer every time.

      90- The hardest puzzle on the curse
      Don’t know how, but i’ve got 1 hint which I think after i’ve solved 50 puzzles. Use the hint. It will lock the outer ring. Don’t mind it.
      After using hint, align 1 ring in the correct position. Then move the other ring 1 space. Then align back the previous ring. Then move the other ring 1 space again, than align the 1st ring again. Keep doing it, and you’ll get it eventually.
      (Check your no. Of hints, don’t know if it’s a glitch in my ipad, but hopefully, you have 1 hint like i do).

  11. Lights out puzzle solver didn’t work for me on 96.

  12. I’m really struggling with the 3rd button gauge… 74 I think. Any help would be appreciated thanks !!.

  13. Lights Out – Puzzle 96

    0 0 0 x x
    x x x x 0
    x x 0 0 x
    x x x x 0
    x 0 0 0 0.

  14. Solitaire riddle 68:
    Number pegs 1 to 33 from top left to bottom right, moves pegs in this sequence.

    15-17, 28-16, 21-23, 07-21, 16-28, 31-23, 24-22, 21-23, 26-24, 23-25, 32-24, 24-26, 33-25, 26-24, 12-26, 27-25, 13-27, 24-26, 27-25, 10-12, 25-11, 12-10, 03-11, 10-12, 08-10, 01-09, 09-11, 02-10, 17-05, 12-10, 05-17.

  15. It was taking me too long. So I just wrote a program to Solve #34 – Code Box

    #put your values here as they appear on screen where a equals the left column

    def rotateTuple(t):
    for i in range(0,len(t)-1):
    return new

    def doTuplesEqual12(t1,t2,t3,t4):
    areEqual = True
    for i in range(0,len(t1)):
    val = t1[i] + t2[i] + t3[i] + t4[i]
    if ( val == 12 ):
    print str(i) + ' Are equal to 12 (' + str(t1[i]) + ',' + str(t2[i]) + ',' + str(t3[i]) + ',' + str(t4[i]) + ')'
    areEqual = False
    return areEqual

    for v in range(0,len(a)):
    for x in range(0,len(b)):
    for y in range(0,len(c)):
    for z in range(0,len(d)):
    if ( doTuplesEqual12(a,b,c,d) ):
    print 'All done'
    print a
    print b
    print c
    print d


    • Actually its for #59
      To run copy and paste into a text file and run in the terminal ‘python solver.Py’.

    • Awesome stuff! Looks like Python?

      I’ll add that it is possible to logically solve the code puzzle by minimizing possibilities but I like this way better. Good work.

  16. Sliding Block puzzle solutions…

    I wrote a program to solve these, which was certainly more interesting than solving them the “proper” way! This program always finds the most efficient solution, and interestingly puzzle 98 can’t be solved in any less than 180 moves!

    Here is the program source, written in the Scala programming language:
    The program probably could be optimised, but it runs quick enough.

    Here are the solutions. I find the best way to use these is to download them, and then resize them into your text editor so that when you do page down, you “see” the movement. Makes it pretty each to enter them in.

    s – single block
    # – part of the large square block
    | – vertical block
    – – horizonal block
    – (empty space)

    Puzzle 04: http://pastie.Org/4682388
    Puzzle 15: http://pastie.Org/4682396
    Puzzle 30: http://pastie.Org/4682408
    Puzzle 39: http://pastie.Org/4682414
    Puzzle 46: http://pastie.Org/4682420
    Puzzle 56: http://pastie.Org/4682424
    Puzzle 79: http://pastie.Org/4682435
    Puzzle 88: http://pastie.Org/4682441
    Puzzle 98: http://pastie.Org/4682447

    Hope that helps!.

  17. Yeah, I did find it challenging. You have to progressively build a tree of every possible move, and only stop when you find the solution (so, if the solution is in 30 moves, you need to test every possible combination of at making 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Up to at least 29 moves). There may be a better way, but it worked for me, and still solves it in only a few seconds!

    Oh, about the 180 moves… The program works in 1-step increments, so if you are moving the same block 2 spaces, that is two moves to the program. So depending on how you count things, it may be thought of as quite a bit less….

    • Do you think you could somehow make a program to solve level 90?

      I’m only a beginner in programming so I have no idea what to do.

  18. Hi does anyone know what the letters T & R stand for when you get some stamps? Also what does he mean when he says some pages are not as they seem?.

    • Don't ask who i am

      I think what he means that some puzzles contains the answer for puzzle 100 (after the cogs).
      Just never mind what he says (except his birthday party which he says after we solve 40 puzzles)
      About the letter in stamps, it’s the answer for the final riddle.

  19. Vincent: Yeah, I’m stuck on that too, and was thinking I would need to write something to solve that.

    I haven’t thought about it very much, but I would guess you would need to see how each ring moves against the others, mark the positions as numbers, and tell it the start and end positions. I suppose the simplest thing would then be to iterate through the combinations of moves and see which path gets to the end with the least number. Probably there is a better way than that, I’d have to think about it! Best way to learn any programming language is to practice though I guess :) I’ll post my solution when I get round to that one though if you like.

  20. Can anyone that’s completed puzzle 20 please help or post a pic :D.

  21. I’m stuck on puzzle 86 : mimic. I’m sure the answer changes each time but how do you solve it? It’s the last puzzle left and its getting frustrating now.

    • To solve puzzle 86 (“Mimic”):

      1. Observe the expressions of all the busts (sculptures) simultaneously until one changes to a snarl (which is the most easily-recognisable expression), and then make a mental note of that bust.

      2. When the next set of changes occurs, make a mental note of one bust that is now snarling.

      3. Compare the expressions of the two busts you’ve noted for a few seconds to determine whether one is mimicking the other. If there is no mimicking bust in the pair you’re observing, then return to step 1.

    • Don't ask who i am

      This is kinda cheating.
      Record the video of the mannequins for 10 seconds(= 10 moves). Then pause the game.
      Make notes of the mannequin moves in the paper.
      It gets alot easier if you have the 10 moves on paper. ( I think 5 moves are enough already). Check the 1st bust to see if its mimicking any other busts. If it’s not, check the 2nd. Keep checking and comfirm it by checking all 10 turns.
      That’s it.

  22. PLEAAAASE, anyone help me with 31 :C.

  23. Hi could anyone post a screenshot in the puzzle 54
    Sliding picture.

  24. Solution for 70 is the wrong puzzle. Same type, wrong solution.