The Curse Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

The Curse walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Curse app is created by Mojo Bones Ltd. and Toy Box.  This guide for The Curse contains hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are spoilers. … Continue reading

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394 Responses to The Curse Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. Screenshot, puzzle 30 solution.

    I forgot to take a screenshot the first time I solved this puzzle and ended up solving it a different way the 2nd time. My general strategy was to start with a vertical bar in the top left corner, two small blocks to the right of it. Move mannequin box right and down and the 2 small blocks over it. Keep 2 small blocks between vertical and horizontal bar blocks as much as possible and gradually work all big blocks counterclockwise, up and over mannequin. I had to move the mannequin back and forth, up and down a couple of times–more than in previous puzzles. Sorry that’s not a step-by-step solution, but it hopefully helps some.

  2. Puzzle 68 solution (leave one in the middle):

    Label the cross as:

    (You get the idea >_>)There are then 18 turns to take, following – as a “move this to that”:
    (1) E-Q (2) L-J (3) C-K (4) R-F (5) 4-R (6)1-Y (7)X-Z (8)M-1-Y (9)I-K (10) G-I (11)V-X-Z-L-J-H (12)5-W (13)P-2 (14)7-5-W (15)U-G-I (16)A-C-K-Y (17)D-P-R-4-2-P (18)O-Q

    Voila! :) Happy Solving!.

  3. Plz help me with puzzle no 70.

  4. Puzzle 36 – It actually starts from the top left of the silhouette.

  5. On puzzle 65 the reason why the answer is “house” it’s because your going to minus 3 in every letter not plus 3.

  6. Whew, finally got 39. Here’s a late intermediate step, where you can see that the mannequin has been moved to bottom right. The mannequin block moves a decent amount during the puzzle–first right and down, then up and down while the small square blocks are worked left and over top of mannequin block. Here’s the final configuration.

  7. Answer for level 92 – lights out
    * indicates bulbs that aren’t touched.

    * 1 * 2 3
    4 5 6 7 8
    * * 9 * 10
    * * * 11 *
    12 13 14 * *.

  8. Answer to level 96 – lights out 7

    * indicates bulbs that aren’t touched

    * * * 1 2
    3 4 5 6 *
    7 8 * * 9
    10 11 12 13 *
    14 * * * *.

  9. Puzzle 60: place a paper on the screen and trace the pathway with a pen.

  10. If anyone can help me is appreciate it. I’m almost done with the game but I need help with puzzles: 47, 54, 56, 71, 72, 79, 85, 86, 88, & 98. If anyone has any answers for these I’d greatly appreciate it. ;).

  11. Ok how do I solve the part where the evil guy traps you behind the three nailed pieces of wood, it right after you’ve completed 90 puzzles….

  12. On #73 matching the flower is simple look at the notches in the petals the biggest hint is the blue/purple petals near the middle of flower.

  13. Puzzle 57:- answer is ntgny .All the first letters of the words of the sentence in the reverse order.

  14. Puzzle 72 solution:

    Collect all the nodes to the left top corner. One to the top of other. Puzzle will be solved.

  15. Hey, I am stuck on the screen after puzzle 51 when he has how many birthday candles. I know the answer but it wont allow me to put it in. No matter where I git the screen nothing happens and it wont let me move on. Anyone experianced this and know the solution? Thanks.

  16. Plz help me with number 50.

  17. I whent on this site to get help and who knew he needs help on the one I need help on,lol,can some one help me on number96 and 92?I don’t need 50 any more so just them!.

  18. Oh, I’ve solved them all! Also Valentines puzzles :3.

  19. I wanted to know when ur going to post the Valentine’s Day puzzles walkthrough.

  20. Hi, I need help withi Hanoi, I think it is 85. I know how to do it, but I can’t do it in the limited amount of moves. Any help?.

    • The hint that I would suggest is that when you are moving the cogs never put two of the same color on top of each other, I think that my first move was t to the one on the far right and then to the middle. Keep swapping sides.

  21. Need help on 19.

  22. Somebody please help me to solve the 68th puzzle….
    I am unable to understand… Pls!!??.

  23. PUZZLE 30: Bottom left cube right twice. Left horozontal down. Right horizontal left. Both cubes up. Bottom horizontal right. Left horizontal down. Far left cube down and right. Upper left vertical down. Picture left. Two right center cubes up. Two right cubes left. Upper vertical down. Two cubes on top right. Picture right. Left vertical up. Four cubes and right vertical all left. Two upper right cubes down. Picture right. Two cubes that are left center up. Right center vertical left. Right upper cube left and down. Picture down. Upper left cube right twice and other left cube up and right. Right center vertical up. Lower left cube right and up. Lower left horizontal up. Lower right horizontal left. Both lower right cubes down. Picture down. Very top right cube down. Other top cube right. Both top verticals right. Left cube up twice. Other center cube left and up. Both left horizontals up. Both lower right cubes left twice. Picture down. Upper horizontal right. Left horizontal up. Far lower left cube up. Other lower cube left. Picture left. If someone else did this already, oh well. Didnt read all 300+ comments. All I can find is vague steps.

  24. Raquel Simões

    I forgot to count how many candles on his quest…. Everyone know???.

    • Go to the gallery to see the mini video…

      summary of video. He is having a dinner party and invited four guests, each guest brings 2 more people. Total number of guests are 4(original guests) +(4*2)= 12. Howev, only half of the total 12 guests brings cakes, each cake has 13 candles. So 6 cakes multiplied by 13 candles gives a total of 78 candles.

  25. Hanoi (Puzzle 85)
    For this puzzle I number the tower left to right (1, 2, 3) and letter the rings top to bottom (A-F). Rings A, C, & E must move Clockwise (i.E., from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 1). Rings B, D, & F must move Counter Clockwise (i.E., from 1 to 3, 3 to 2, and 2 to 1). The start step for movement is as follows A (step 1), B (step 2), C (step 4), D (step 8), E (step 16), and F (step 32). After the first step the rings movement follows this pattern count: A moves every 2 steps, B moves every 4, C moves every 8, D moves every 16, and E moves every 32. F only moves once in this pattern (but if you have more rings it would move every 64th).

    I recommend you actually put it down an speadsheet or a table to see it. The first 16 moves are listed: 1) A2, 2) B3, 3) A3, 4) C2, 5) A1, 6) B2, 7) A2, 8) D3, 9) A3, 10) B1, 11) A1, 12) C3, 13) A2, 14) B3, 15) A3, 16) E2.

    Notice how ring A moves every second move from its starting step, i.E., Steps 1, 3, 5, 7, etc., ring B moves every 4th step (2, 6, 10, etc.), ring C moves every 8th step (4, 12, 20, etc). Once you get the pattern down it is just a bit of concentration.

  26. Interestingly, with Number 95 Riddle, I solved it differently. 18, 37, 6, 81, 55
    add 1+8=9, 3+7=10,6, 8+1=9,5+5=10. So, 9,10,6,9,10. I figured ok, change 6 into either 9 or ten. I guessd 3 so 6=9 and it worked.

    Hooray for my overthinking.

  27. HOLY FRELL ME!!!

    Some of these were TRICKY!! But I made it threw, ending hacked me off a bit but oh well.

    I’ll face him again.