The Room Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Move to the side with the 5 letter puzzle at the top.  Attach the brass plate L to the right side.  It now says COWLL.  The answer is TRIAL.  This will hide the clockwork projector and one of the seals will open.  Two more remain…

A door opens to reveal a beautiful HD safe.  Seriously, how beautiful is The Room App in HD guys?  Stunning atmosphere by Fireproof Games and Fireproof Studios Ltd.

Zoom in on the top of the safe to view the note by AS.

M 8.

Macallister returns with the rubbings from Egypt!  The pattern continues.  The Tibetans call the Null element Space.  To the Hindus, it is Aether.  And now, to the Babylonians, it is simply Up.  The other direction.  The reality of Ishtar.  Of yet more significance is the recurring presence of the hexagonal glyph:  Left side is 3 triangles of a hexagon with small circle at top middle and bottom middle ends.  right is a small hexagon and 2 lines out.

The same symbol repeated in cultured separated by countless centuries and the span of the globe!  Who will tell me now that this is idle superstition at work?  When my hands hold the first distilled sample, they will recognise me then!

Presently, the sceptics have one more in their number.  Macallister has quit my service. 2/7.

It’s a safe dial, but there’s a piece missing.  Well come right back to this after we get the key in the next step.

The 4 symbol puzzle.  Around the tea room box there are images of a grid of 4 symbols.  The locations of the instructions are:  At the top of the tower above the 3 symbol side, at the top point.  On the left inside of the glowing box which contained the number code.  On the right of the side panel just near the 4 grid entry point itself.  I guessed the last position, but I’m sure it’s somewhere.

The solution to the 4 grid symbols is:  Top left:  hamburger.  Top right:  cross and swirl.  Lower left: cross with nail in the top and Lower right:  Palace with central tower.  Solve this to reveal the heavy, iron cast key with the cross on the tip.

Go back to the safe box.  Zoom in to the top of the safe box and you will see a small almost hidden clasp switch on the lower middle.  just right of the big silver piece.  Slide this switch to the right to open the drawer.  Puzzle time!

What are these curious orbs?  Notice when you move your device around the orbs will move too.  That is your clue and hint for The Room App.  The orbs are linked to the gyroscope on your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or Android device.

Make all the orbs glow to open the side drawer and reveal the symbol, just like on the AS letter about the hexagons.  Use your eyepiece to see what’s really hidden here.  Remake the symbol from the 3 pieces by moving the camera to show a lock.  Insert your big cross key into the keyhole and turn it clockwise to loosen the small side drawer panel.

Zoom in on the small side drawer panel.  Open the drawer and pick up the small cabinet key.  Insert this cabinet key into the front of the safe.  Rotate key clockwise to open and reveal the enamelled brass star.  The keyhole changed to more complex shape.

Zoom all the way out to the tea box.  Rotate around at look at the top point part.  Find the start on one of the top points.  Insert the star to reveal the statue puzzle and another letter from AS.

Quick spin round and pick up the brass ring with markings around the edge.

Ju 21.

Take note of this date.  It is the most significant in human history.  I have done it!  A human subject was required.  The catalyst was my own being! Fatigued by my studies, I entered the chamber without disabling the mechanism.  When I regained consciousness, I had succeeded!

The Null element is beyond curious, being neither quite energy nor matter.  I have already made great strides in its study, specifically in how it refracts the light.

Tonight, I open the wine!  3/7.

Return to the safe.  Attach the brass ring to the left side of the safe panel.  Move to the left thing with one dot, then the right thing with two dots.  Then right again.  Then left to the tab just left of the one dot.  Then right all the way to the last two.  So the safe pattern is left one, right two.

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341 Responses to The Room Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. Where are all the COGS in the COG eye? On another episode…?.

  2. Hi, I am stuck at the tiles under the grille part, it doesn’t matter how I tilt it nothing happens, please help!!.

    • Keep tilting, slowly Diane. It does work!.

      • Thanks Nerdr! I really don’t want to start again :) I wish they had some sort of compass or marking so you know which side is which- have you figured that out? Where the opening is in relationship to the light?


  3. I’m at the 3’rd stage. How can I open that wooden, Q-shaped panel? Thanks in advance!.

    • Mystique,
      Use the eyepiece and you’ll see a yellow circle and a blue line on it. Move one of the center blue pieces onto the ring and turn it until its lined up with the ‘tail’ of the Q. Slide the blue piece onto the tail and then go to the other side and slide the other blue piece onto the ring and bring that down to the ‘tail’ of the Q. Then you have to locate a square plate to insert into the opening you’ve uncovered. I don’t know how long ago you posted, today’s date is 4/28 and on my post it says Jan 19, so you may have gotten this information long ago :)

      Either way, have fun with this game, I really am.


  4. I am stuck in chapter 2, I cant get the triangle plate ( can’t even find it) to open and show me the 4th disk.

  5. Hi guys, can’t get big key to fit hole in fire side of safe, can you help me?.

  6. The last piece of the 4 symbol puzzle is in the space that you found the book on the right side.

  7. I’m stuck on level 4 where you have the box inside the wooden panel with the blue and red panel.

  8. I having trouble with the plates behind the Q I’m either in the wrong place or I can’t seen to move the plates please help tx.

  9. Elisabeth Marie

    I made it through the entire game!
    When will there be another “The Room”? Addicted :P.

  10. Hi, it’s the 2nd time I’ve downloaded the game and I’m stuck at the same part! I’ve read the walkthrough to get up to the bit I’m at now to make sure I’m doing it right! I’m on level 2 on the last lock I think and I’ve opened the drawer at the top to get the 2 cogs, yet I only get one! Any ideas where there could be another?? Please reply as say as possible!! It’s driving me mad now! X.

    • Follow the walkthrough exactly Vickey. It’s worked for everyone so far and it’ll tell you where to find the second cog you’re looking for. Good luck!.

  11. Hi can you help. Stuck at the bit with the crystal no matter how i position it,it won’t accept it. Not sure what to do!.

  12. Hi im stuck on second Puzzle got the lamp lit and eyepeice in place but when i look Through cant see anything can anyone help pls?Also you say there is a clasp on top of Box definitely cant see this so cannot move forward in the game.

  13. In the kindle tablet version, the drawer contains only a single medium cog. With two medium cogs and no small cog, cannot make machine work. Is the small cog hidden somewhere? I have reinstalled the game twice.

    • The kindle tablet version might be a newer version. Although it is unlikely, they might have changed some of the puzzles. Sorry for not being specific, but the truth is I don’t know why the cog would be missing :(.

    • You need the rubberband and the cogs are reusable.

  14. I’m stuck on chapter 3….The clue reads “their was a hidden socket inside the panel that revolved when I touched it.” I don’t know where the hidden panel is…..Please help! I have the handle, but no socket.

  15. I need to match the spinners behind the brass plates to the symbols shown when the star-shaped key is in the top position…
    (Question)….Chapter 4/4
    I can’t find the symbols behind the brass plates….

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  17. I can’t figure out of the pipes
    please somebody help.

  18. I don’t know what to set the time to on the clock after I place the gem, help please!!!.

  19. I’m having trouble on the 3 tile puzzle. As much as I tilt my iPad, the tiles won’t move. Help please.

  20. What’s the correct time on the green jewel clock.

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  23. After finding the peculiar key, no key hole appears. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, yo?.

  24. Challenging and fun!.