The Room Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

The Room walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Room app is created by Fireproof Games and Fireproof Studios Ltd.  This guide for The Room contains hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are spoilers. … Continue reading

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341 Responses to The Room Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. I am stuck where I just openned the 3 golden circles. Solved the puzzle but nothing happens?? Please help.

  2. Please help I can get the multi key in chapter 3 of the room to fit, I get the blue shape n put the keys in place but it says it doesn’t fit, I’ve watched a video where they put the key in front of the wood shape and do it but my phone doesn’t let me do this, I have to click on the key and do it like that, being trying for hours.

    • I have the same problem! I get a blue outline to match the shape of the key too, but when I exit that screen and try to drag the key into the lock a message comes up saying ‘it doesn’t fit like that’. I’ve followed different walkthroughs and still can’t get through. I wonder if there is a problem with the app as the blue outline doesn’t match screenshots I’ve seen of this stage. Can anyone help?.

    • Re-check the match of the different keys to the patterns. There are two keys that look very much alike. When I switched them everything finally work!.

  3. I’m stuck at the meters. I’ve hit the last one but nothing happens.

  4. How do i open the Q??.


    Can’t get the damn box and tube to lineup. Any hints?.

  6. Phew that was an interesting game… Took me hours to solve it …tip, the eyepiece is very useful in the game and u need it to unlOck lots of codes etc…like the q for example, while using the eyepiece, there is this horizontal line that has movable slides in it and u need to expose the hidden center area….

  7. Just read the walkthrough, though I read it after finIshing the game, it entails all the instructions and things needed to solve the puzzles and its in a chronological order so it would be easy for you to finish it if ever ur stuck in some part of the game…:).

  8. I can’t figure out the timer in chapter 3 – I can’t locate the buttons and I don’t know which order? I have looked at two different clues and they are both different, but none work.

  9. Hey Im stuck at the 4 PAC man circles, don’t know what the combination is, is there someplace to find it?



    • Chris, did you read the guide? :) the solution is in there. You have to find four of the same pac man circles around the box and turn them. One is on the right side of the gear box under a metal plate if I remember correctly. The locations are all in the Room guide above and it’s all explained there.

      Remember there are many pages to the room guide. Use the links at the bottom of each page to go to the other pages.

      • It is a great guide but I am not sure where to find the answer to the 4 PAC man circles. Is there a combination to follow somewhere? Or am I missing something? Help from ANYbody would be appreciated!



  10. Love, the instructions weren’t clear enough i got me monkey stuck in the microwave.

  11. Does this app work on an iPhone 4? When I open the app, I get a message that says “The Room is not supported on this device,” but the screen I get is interactive. All it is is a cracked open door and it looks like I can move the door, but maybe I am just changing my perspective in the game? Any help would be greatly appreciated!.

  12. Hi. I’m stuck on chapter 4. I think I got ahead of myself or something. I can’t get the planets to stop so that I can put the code in.

  13. Oh my goodness I can’t believe I didn’t seem the PAC man circles form a DRAWER…I didn’t see the lines, lol!.

  14. After using the peculiar shaped key to unlock the drawer in chapter 2, I was only able to pick up a medium sized cog. I’ve looked everywhere, but the small cog is nowhere to be found. Anyone else encounter this?.

    • I’m having this problem too! Only one cog, the other is nowhere to be find and I can’t find a solution anywhere! So annoying.

  15. Help! I’m stuck at the two timer boxes towards the end of the game. I click on the first open one then swing around and click on the second one.. First from left to right, then from right to left. Clicking on them both before they time out and nothing happens. I’ve been doing this for an hour. Can anyone tell me what to do at this point. Thank you.

  16. Stuck look thru back u c a box with dots rotate sun dial moves dots on box cannot figure out dial position.

  17. Hej.

    Could you please help med. I have installed The Room pocket on my iPhone 4 but when I open the app all I get is a black screen with “The Room is not supported on this devide.” Is this part of the game or is it a bug? If you know, please let me know how to get passed this.

    Many thanks.

    • Your ios version might be too old?.

      • Thanks but I thought the same and updated it to the latest version before I posted the question. Maybe it doesn’t run on iPhone 4 although I couldn’t find anything saying so anywhere. It is not the end of the world. It is just that I love puzzle-games and I haven’t found a decent one since Myst and Riven.


        • Avispa, if you liked myst and riven you will love the room! My guess is it is either iPad only, or you need ios 5 or 6 to run it. There is no reason it should just not work.

    • I am having the exact same problem. IPhone 4 and latest update (6) but still said not supported on this device …any ideas?.

  18. I’m at the last part of chapter 2 where you set the clock to the time on the back of the photo (mine shows 6:05 also). I set the time using the eyepiece, but nothing happens. I’m stuck here. I also tried resolving this chapter, but I’m stuck again. Bug? Ipad retina, latest iOS, latest app version too.

  19. Hello again. Just wondering if I need to restart the game if I can’t proceed at chapter 4 – cant get the planets to stop rotating. I have the button sequence to move on, but pushed the button to start the planets moving prior to this. (I had not yet seen your guide).

  20. I figured out my error! No need for a response now. Thanks.

  21. I saw this game on my friend’s iPhone and fell in love with it but can’t find it for Android. Is it out on Android yet? Really want it.

  22. What time do you set the clock too in chapter 2, I can’t find the photo graph.

  23. I have lined up all the pack man circles correctly and rechecked and rotated again and still cannot find how to actually open the drawer.

  24. Hello everybody! To fit the key You need to select it an change the order of the silver forms of the key.

  25. I had turned the 4 golden circles as the intruction showed ( circle and pentagon up left, square and triangle down right) but nothing happened. Did I do anything wrong? Please help me! Thanks.

  26. Oh i did it! How stupid i am!.

  27. I m super confused. U said when u open the book you found a letter…when I open the book I got a wind up handle/piece!!!!!Please help I’m stuck.