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Nintendo 3ds launch games gameplay videos part 4

Now we are at part 3 of the Nerdr.com gameplay video collection for the 3ds.  This article covers:

  1. Steel diver.
  2. Madden NFL football.
  3. Bust a move universe edition.
  4. Combat of giants – Dinosaurs.

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Nintendo 3ds launch title gameplay videos part 3

Now we are at part 3 of the Nerdr.com gameplay video collection for the 3ds.  This article covers:

  1. Asphalt 3ds.
  2. Samurai Warriors 3ds
  3. Splinter cell 3d
  4. Rayman 3ds

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Nintendo 3ds launch titles every gameplay video part 1

Welcome to the Nerdr gameplay video roundup for EVERY nintendo 3ds launch game available right now for your new 3d ds.

This is as complete a list as you will ever find, covering all 3ds launch titles with a gameplay video for each one.

First some rules for the best videos:

  • As little talking as possible.
  • Only a small introduction part allowed.
  • Played on a real 3DS – no trailers, and nothing recorded from a  computer screen.
  • Must show actual gameplay, not just cutscenes and startup screens.
  • You can click on the title of the 3ds game and see reviews before you buy it.  Nerdr wants you to be happy before you pay for something with your hard earned cash!

With all that said, here is the full list of 3ds launch games we will be covering:

blue 3ds gameplay

  1. Pilotwings Resort 3ds
  2. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow wars
  3. Nintendogs – all 3 together
  4. Super street fighter 4 3ds edition
  5. Pro evolution soccer 2011 3ds
  6. Super monkey ball 3d
  7. Asphalt 3d
  8. Samurai Warriors
  9. splinter cell 3ds
  10. rayman 3ds
  11. steel diver
  12. madden NFL football
  13. BUST A MOVE universe
  14. combat of giant dinosaurs
  15. Ridge racer 3d
  16. Sims 3ds
  17. Lego star wars 3ds

Right, thats the full list guys, let’s get started!

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Is the 3ds worth it

Here I discuss some of the main points to consider when buying a Nintendo 3ds if you already have a ds.

Here are the top things to seriously consider if you want to get a Nintendo 3DS – Cosmo Black! OR MAYBE THE Nintendo 3DS – Aqua Blue?

Price – The current price is $249.99.  Thats quite a high price, but then the 3DS was only released about a week ago!  Even so, this price does seem quite significant, especially against the competition of the ipod touch.  Breaking it down and looking at previous Nintendo console cycles, we can quite easily see Nintendo like to base their console output on 5 year cycles.  This means they bring out a new product (like the nintendo 4ds say!) every five years.  The easy maths then amounts to:

$250/5 years = $50 a year.

So buying it right now works out to be $50 a year.

Now thats about $5 a month.  Not Bad!.

However, I think the price will drop fairly quickly as no one seems to be buying and the games are getting average at best reviews from the main game review websites.  I would suspect it will Continue reading

Why I want to buy an Ipad 2 and the challenge of the 3DS

Why to buy an ipad 2 now rather than later:

* Much slimmer, lighter design
* Much faster GPU custom built to run the best app store games
* CPU speed doubled, meaning pages load faster
* Thats pretty much it!

With a $100 price premium over a second hand ipad, is it worth it?  well thats up to you to decide.  You can sit there and keep reading review after review but at the end of the day you need to stop and make a decision.  Will you buy?  RIGHT NOW.  knowing what you know?  I did.  Heres a link to make it easy.
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