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How To Search iTunes Radio Stations on Mac – CHEAT

Today I finally figured out how to search radio stations on iTunes on my Macbook.  It’s not easy to do, but here’s the guide for how I did added search to iTunes radio.  You will need: iTunes and a Mac to do this.

First, open iTunes and open the radio list tab at the top.  This will be just the normal list of all the radio stations.  Now, expand out each of the lists of radio stations by clicking the tiny arrow on the left of each row.  Start from the bottom of the list and work up so you don’t have to keep scrolling each time.

Now we need to select/highlight all the radio stations in this huge list.  To select all the radio stations, click on one of the stations to highlight it, then in the top menu choose Edit -> Select All.  Alternatively, you can hold CMD + A.

With all the radio stations highlighted, look at the top menu bar and choose File -> New -> Playlist from selection.  Remember to select playlist from selection and not just playlist.  It will take around 30 seconds and you will now have a playlist made of ALL the radio stations in iTunes!  Give the playlist a name like “radio stations playlist”.

At the top tabs of iTunes, to the left of Radio you will see Playlist.  Press this and you will see all your playlists, including our shiny new radio stations playlist.  Now, if you click on your radio stations playlist in iTunes you can  do a search in the regular search box and it will search the radio stations.

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4 Scenes 1 Movie Answers

4 Scenes 1 Movie Answers for Android, ipad and iPhone.  These hints, tips and cheats will help you finish the game before your friends.  The app 4 scenes 1 movie was developed by Fruitella games.

These are the answers for the 4 scenes 1 movie app for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Level 1 – A blue guy and girl is Avatar.

Level 2 – white and black men with weapons.  The black man has his hand on the other mans shouler and they look Roman.  A man in a skirt with a sword, water and a hand.  This is Gladiator.

Level 3 – Hulk.

Level 4 – Man in black hat talking with blond lady.  Sun rays through a fence and a man shooting a flamethrower.  One man holding another mans hand.  This movie is Rambo.

Level 5 – Orange clothing on 4 men with motorcycle helmets.  These are the astronauts from the movie Armageddon.

Level 6 – a panda movie, stripey tail and a blue tiger picture.  This is Kung Fu Panda.

Level 7 – Man with red hand with white glowing palm in the middle (not the tree) is the hit movie Iron Man.  Did you know he got paid $50 million to act in Iron Man?

Icon Pop Mania Answers

Icon Pop Mania Answers. These are cheats and answers to every Icon pop mania question. This walkthrough covers all the hints, tips and solutions you need to finish the game before your friends. Icon pop mania is available for the iPhone, iPad, ipod touch and Android devices. Alegrium games are the developers of Icon pop mania.

Here are the solutions and Icon pop mania answers for every question in the game.

Icon pop mania answers for level 1.

Psy – a yellow background and a male face with bowtie and glasses.
Captain America – white star on a target with blue background.
USA – man with an American hat.
Superman – red pants.
Michael Jackson – a weird theater logo of a man on tiptoes.
Coca Cola – A bottle of brown liquid.
Mickey Mouse – white glove hand.
Sydney – logo of the Sydney opera house in Australia. Be careful of the drop bears.
United Kingdom – small man with big black hat and red jacket.
Apple – a rainbow colored apple logo.
Iron Man – A yellow loading symbol on a red background.

Icon pop mania cheats and solutions for level 2.

London – an image of the big clock building in Europe.
Egypt – yellow triangle, which is actually the pyramids. Some people think the pyramids were created by Aliens.
Google – Search and lucky under a white box.
New york has a flame on a torch. It’s actually the statue of liberty which is on an Island near New York and was donated by Franceto symbolize friendship.
Yahoo – a yellow smiley face. No one will ever get this question, I thought it was spongebob.
Muhammad Ali
James Bond
Charlie Chaplin

Spiderman – a red hand making the rock on symbol.
Popeye – a green can of spinach and a hand holding it in icon pop mania.
Avatar – One yellow eye on a blue background crying.
Michael Jordan
Albert Einstein – E=mc2 or E equals mc squared. This is the equation for converting matter to energy in physics.
Darth Vader
China – Some fortress or castle in the sand, it’s actually a picture of the great wall of China.
Aladdin – yellow guy sitting on an orange walking banana in icon pop mania. Trust me, it looks like an orange banana.
Walt Disney
Japan – red circle on a white background is the island nation of Japan.
Cinderella – a crystal show with star sparkles.

Celebrities Fun Challenge Free Answers

Celebrity Fun Challenge Free Answers. These solutions and cheats for celebrities fun challenge free have tips and hints for solving every question. The celebrity fun challenge app is made by Fun games for free Ltd.

Celebrity fun challenge answers for level 1 – Beginner questions. This is the warm up level to get you started.

Marilyn Monroe.
Tom Cruise.
Oprah Winfrey
Michael Jordan.

Level 2 answers.

Justin Beiber, Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton. The next set is Angelina Jolie and Usain Bolt.

Level 3 solutions for Celebrities fun challenge.

Daniel Radcliffe.
Roger Federer
Donald Trump.
Al Pachino.

Level 4 answers.

Lady Gaga.
Mick Jagger
Mike Tyson
Barack Obama.
Jennifer Aniston.

Celebrity fun challenge cheats for level 5.

Taylor Swift
Shaquille Oneal.
Sophia Loren
Albert Einstein.
Leonardo DiCaprio.

Pic Combo Answers – Level 1 to Level 7 for iPhone, iPad and Android

These are Pic Combo answers to every question in the game. This new app has fun puzzles and these cheats and solutions will help you finish the game fast. Pic Combo is available free for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Here is a link to all the answers and cheats for Pic Combo.

Level 1 of Pic Combo answers.


Level 2 answers for Piccombo app.


Level 3 solutions for piccombo. These answers are in alphabetical order and for all letters in this level.
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