Doors & Rooms Chapter 5 Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 – The Kingdom. This guide contains spoilers, cheats and solutions to chapter five of the Doors and Rooms app. The walkthrough covers help, hints and tips for solving the puzzles and answers to the difficult … Continue reading

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74 Responses to Doors & Rooms Chapter 5 Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. I’ve been working on the end puzzle for hours and haven’t figured it out.

    • Its sometimes useful to try to work backwards…if you had the solution to stage 5-3 what would the step before it look like? And so on. I’m still stuck too.

  2. I was clueless till looked up the algebra for this. But simply by clicking the red tiles. Working from top to bottom remembering the sequence. Go firstly click all the 3 exact initial red squares then once you have reached the bottom follow the same pattern. You will find the puzzle going to all blue you click every single square regardless of red of blue then you will find yourself with rows of red and one row blue click all the reds rows it will eventually go all red. Hope that all makes sense.

    • I’m having a little trouble following. Tap the 3 reds from top to bottom and there’s one blue left…then click every single square. This flips it from all red and one blue to all blue and one red. Then?

      Wait, got it. Solution to stage 5-3 will be added to the guide at the next update.

      • I’ve noticed what happens when you click on a tile is all tiles in a cross or vertical line about and below it will inverse and all tiles directly in a horizontal line will inverse. I’m working on something starting from one corner down and reversing them down at a diagonal somehow.

    • What do you mean by “….Once you have reached the bottom follow the same pattern.” ?.

      • Tony, i’ve added the Doors and Rooms stage 5-3 solution to the walkthrough. Hit refresh to see it. I’m stuck on the door to 5-4 now and the solvers for lights out online aren’t helping!.

        • Lettering the rows from top to bottom, A-E, then number the columns left to right, 1-5. Here is the sequence of tiles to hit: B4, B1, B2, C3, D4, E4, E5, E3, and E2.

  3. Completed 5-3. When you click the symbols in the door it changes all in the same line, not just surrounding it. Found it trial and error and eventually got it. Interesting looking chess board on 5-4.

  4. Look at the top row. If any of the doors are closed, hit the tile directly below it. Continue doing this with the rest of the first row, from left to right. Then look at the second row. If any of the doors are closed, hit the one directly below it and continue doing this with the rest of the row. You do this through all of the rows and it only takes 9 moves.
    (This is me thinking that the doors have to be open, not closed. I can’t remember even though I just did it. You may have to click the tiles below closed ones… I’m not 100% sure, but I’m on puzzle 5 now.).

    • Me too Manfa. I’ve added the solution to the lights out puzzle on Doors and Rooms stage 5-4 to the guide and it will show on the next update. I’m on the moon puzzle on stage 5-5 now.

  5. I’m stuck on the lion tiles. I’ve done it the way you said 4 times an I can’t beat it. It’s not working at all.

    • Ash, here are checks for some of the steps to make sure it’s being done right and I’ve just redone stage 5-3 to confirm the solution works Which part didn’t work or what was the last part that was correct? I can then update the guide to clear it up.

      • On mine it was saying at the beginning the red tile was in spot 4-3, not 3-4. Once I done it using space 4-3 it worked perfect. I don’t know if it was just mine or what. Now I’m stick on the moon puzzle.

        • You’re right, sorry my mistake.

          The Moon puzzle is fun. Take it one piece at a time and enjoy. It’s the last puzzle of chapter 5!.

  6. In chapter 5-4 row is first and column is second!.

  7. Thanks a lot for the guide!!! Really clear and helpful :).

  8. Very good. Thanks.

  9. “Observe the objects you have collected and you will see they have code numbers. The wine glass has 9958. The plate has 1327, the cork has code 6354. If you do the math the code for the box above the fireplace is then 3795 from top to bottom. Inside the box you will find an amulet.”

    Can you explain the math please?.

  10. On the last bit for the tiles with lions on.. You said the co ordinates are 12 13 31 33 41 42 on mine when I so everything you said correctly its 12 13 32 33 34 44
    I’m soo confused!!! :).

    • Sarah! It’s the locations of the red tiles, I might be wrong with the exact coordinates to the Doors and Room red lion door puzzle and I think someone mentioned it yesterday in the comments too.

      It’s the coordinates where the red tiles are. Also, follow the words not the coordinates I give because I was typing it out quickly. There are mistakes until I get time to update and check it all!.

  11. You need to look at the painting above the fireplace and correlate the objects to the roman numeral order in the fireplace:

    I = Napkin (found in the turkey)
    II = Plate
    III = Glass
    IV = Cork

    The final code (3795) is derived from first letter in the Napkin (3), last number in the plate (7), the second number in the glass (9), the third number in the cork (5).

  12. Answer to the puzzle. Keep on pressing the red buttons without changing the order: Top to bottom, left to right. Then press all the buttons without looking at the colors (same order).

  13. Can you please explain the connection between the chess pieces, chess board, and the code? The code i found on the pieces had nothing to do with the unlock code.

    • The object here is to find the spaces on the chess board where a piece cannot be captured (safe zone). The easiest way I found to solve this was to recreate on a separate piece of paper the 8×8 grid. Plot each of the pieces you find in the room on the board and note the 6 safe spots already identified in the image (e7, f7, h7, h6, f5, and g5). Now determine the remaining safe spots. For example, the rook in spot A8 it can move down column A and across row 8, therefore there are no safe spots in column A and it gets the image instead of a number when solving the code. In column B, the only safe spot is B5, space B8 can be captured by the rook, B7 can be captured by the bishop, B6 and B4 by the queen, B3 and B1 by the king. This process lead to the final code.

  14. Mine doesn’t work, I turned all into blue eagles but it doesn’t work. Sad face. Is having a lion left on the rigth side! Maybe I must change all the tiles into Lions?.

  15. I still can’t solve the moon puzzle, I need help! The last two tiles are always not in their right position!.

  16. I’m soooo confused by this! It’s not working for me I need help !.

  17. To solve the puzzle, click only on the blue tiles from left to right starting at the top. Then work your way to the 2nd row and so on. The tiles will change colors as you click, but never go backwards, always use the same pattern, left to right, going from row 1, 2, 3, 4 and then restart. Never click on red tiles!.

  18. Moon Puzzle solution
    Ex 2^2 = tap second up arrow twice


  19. 5-1…anybody else have trouble moving the tiles? Mine will not move the way the solution suggests. I am on iphone 4, ios 5. Thanks!.

  20. It’s too great to find this guide. Getting stuck in puzzles is very frustrating. It will take me forever to solve the puzzles by trial and errors. Thanks for posting this!.

  21. Can you please be a little more specific about the “math” you used to arrive at 3795 for the combo to the box.

  22. Thanks a lot bro…
    You helped me very much.

  23. This was very helpful to me when I got stuck but your XY axis order is incorrect. The numbers are in the right order but if you’re going to do it this way you should use letters too for example the horrizonal (rows) should be listed as letters and the vertical (columns) should be listed as numbers.

    Obviously i figured it out from what you said but i did it wrong at first and was confused until i tried it the other way. Hope this was helpful wasn’t trying to be snarky.

    • That’s actually a great idea Sarah. It would definitely improve the clarity of the instructions. I hope I remember when the time comes for Doors and Rooms 2 or Doors & Rooms chapter 6.

  24. On 5-4. I can’t figure out how to solve the chess board. All the walkthroughs I’ve found say to use the rules sheet and sword coordinates but I’m still stuck. Even with knowing the end coordinates I’m not getting the logic. Can anyone help?

  25. How did you get the code for the sword box? The chess pieces have coordinates on them but i dont think theyre the same? I entered them on the box the first time and they didnt work.

  26. What do you mean by “If you do the math the code for the box above the fireplace…”?.

  27. For 5-3 Follow the above guide until you have one blue square. Then, press the square. After that you will see six blue squares. Memorize their locations and click on each position (regardless of color) in left to right top to bottom order. Then you win.