Doors & Rooms Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Doors and Rooms walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Doors and Rooms app is created by Gameday games. This guide for Doors and Rooms contains help, hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are … Continue reading

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141 Responses to Doors & Rooms Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. Further to what I just wrote. The wood and paper are guides to help you find out that the code you need is to do with the word HELP same as the blood on the letters.

  2. In the rusty room stage 1-8 I can’t figure it out I have tried everything please help :-/.

  3. Hello, how did you get right order in 4-6? I tried to do exactly how it’s on the wall but then pentargram turns into red.

  4. In chapter 4-10, howd you come up with the codes 815? Thanks!.

    • Im gonna answer my own question :)) the light represents a clock’s hour and minute hand…which points at 8 (if u’ll listen to the number of tick tocks) and 3 (or 15 in a clock) :) that’s how we got 815 :).

      • To add on, you must tilt your phone to how you would normally hold it and you will see a giant clock with 12 stars. The numbers on the walls and the number of times each stars blinks when you tap on them doesn’t matter, they are there to confuse you. The 2 lighted saturns shows the time 815. The shorter beam (hour hand) at 8, longer beam (minute hand) at 15.

  5. I still don’t understand how to get 1035 code on 4-7 from 1140, 0345, 1235 and 0230.

    • So the numbers on the tombstones are times correspond to the position of the respective corpse. Use the clock formed by the crosses with the red dots. The front of the church, where two skeletons (one facing left, the other facing right) are supposed to be 12.20 and 1.45 respectively. So 12.20 – 1.45 = 10.35.

  6. How did you get the cog order 4-3? I get the green part but I don’t get the numbers’ relation to the cogs….

  7. Stage 4-3.

    How did you know that the Red cog and Black cog should be placed at the top left and top right respectively? And what is the purpose of dismantling the green cog? I can’t figure this out ): And why should the Gold and Blue cog be placed at the bottom? Because both colors add up to be green as what was stated in that piece of note?

    Help! );.

  8. That coin in master book and 2-3 is Indonesian coin ,notice the bird in the picture. We Indonesia call it as “PancaSila”.

  9. 4-6

    I see no shining light, let alone a lighter. Tried turning the brightness up, and I’m still tapping at black.

  10. 4-6

    I’ve turned the brightness up, but I still cant see any shining light, or a lighter.

    I’m just tapping at the dark.

    • Okay john, I used an iPad. I’m going to guess you’re on an iPhone or iPod touch. The star is in the lower right. You might need to scroll to the lower right (ie. Swipe up and to the left) to see it. Try scrolling around.

  11. Hi :) i want to know why the code at level 4-10 is 815? Thanks nerdr! :) pls enlighten.

  12. Stage 2-8
    There are 10 coins.
    The numbers on coins should reflect dates.
    Only 2 appear to be dates, the rest are random numbers.
    1865 – is this before Federation hence not a real coin date with the eagle?
    1953 was my first choice as a likely true minted coin.

    • Tim, someone else in the comments said the correct coin was the only coin with a particular image…or something. I forget the details, but it’s in the comments somewhere.

  13. 4-7 how do i get 4 numbers? The skeletons are pointing to numbers of the clock, right? But still i can’t make anything of it! I found the answer in your blog! But i need to know how you get to these numbers!

    Ps: the code in 4-6, with the mummy, is the same as help written in the alpabeth. Abcd E fg H ijk L mno P qrs… H=8 E=5 L=12 P=16.

  14. The correct coin is the one that matches the eagle on the wall. Each of the coins is slightly different. :).

  15. Regarding the coin combination in 2-4. If the slot machine pays out on Lv 2-3, the coin is a 1953 also.

  16. How do you even do 4-1? I’m really confused on that.

  17. The number at stage 3-4, how to match? Can you teach me?.

  18. I can’t figure out 2-10 and I’ve tried everything please help!!!.

  19. 4-8
    Can you explain how the calendar and the note bring you to those numbers? Am I missing something?.

  20. Room 4-9. What’s the link of the 4 pictures, the ‘a new sense of lady’ and the number codes?.

  21. I finished all levels in chapters 1 and 2 but chapter 3 “silent hospital” is still locked. How do I get in??.

    • Might be a problem since the update Maxi. I finished chapters 1 and 2 of doors and rooms before the update, which added 2 new levels to each. You might have to unlock and finish those extra levels to unlock the hospital chapter.

      Just guessing though, not sure.

      • I just downloaded the app the other day so I already had the new levels. I guess it’s a glitch on my game, I thought maybe I was missing something in the prior levels. Thank you though.

  22. Thanks for this walkthrough Nerdr! Can you comment on the 4-7 code explanation please? Did you get it by looking at the skels on the wall as others have suggested? I am doubting this since it does not make sense that the legs would be showing :20 on one side and :45 on the other (they should be :45 and :15, or even :20 and :40). ??? Thanks again.

  23. Also…how did you get the code on the teddy bears heart monitor? When i averaged the red and yellow waves i got different numbers. I hope the answer is not just brute force, lol. :-).

    • Brute force for the teddy tummy code. I had people asking for the guide so I had to rush it. You can see how the tone of the guide changes as the pressure and difficulty mounts :) .

      A lot of missing details in this doors and rooms guide, for which I apologise, but it gets you through the levels. If you do figure out any of the reasons, feel free to add an explanation in a comment and I’ll let it through.

      • I averaged out the reds and average out the yellows. Remember that there are 8 numbers to add, then divided by 8 again. I used the 2 averaged numbers and opened the box in Teddy’s tummy.

  24. Heather…for 4-8, the note tells you which directions to move on the calendar, in order to construct the password.

  25. I can’t understand the stage 3-5 … I had tried my best to try all :-/ please HELP me..

  26. How did you know to type PUSH in the teddy bear room?.

  27. Hello. I want to know why the door code for level 4-6 is 851216? Thank :).