How to Quit Reddit for the Weak - comment page 1

NOTE: This is a satirical post.  Here is the serious answer. Reddit addiction. I was a regular just like you.  I bought Reddit gold (I know right).  I did the setting it as my homepage thing and used Reddit Enhancement … Continue reading

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13 Responses to How to Quit Reddit for the Weak - comment page 1

  1. Seriously, it sounds like you have some mainstream reddit blues. Try deleting all of your subreddits and clicking random until you find a bunch of small ones that you like. It’s completely worth it and it gets rid of a lot of the major problems.

  2. You might want to check out Archfinch. Not many comments, but high quality articles nonetheless.

    • I just went there. Great content but the layout and color scheme hurts my eyes. The posts also seem a little dated, as an example, the second page had digitizing books using captchas – I’m pretty sure I saw that a few years ago….

  3. Maybe just keep a feed to /r/depthhub and let others do the searching for gold in the river of shit for you.

  4. You fogrgot to mention how f****g annoying it is that everyone puts a picture of their g*ay as**n f***g cat on reddit too.

    • Yeah I had that under mario cake and had to delete it, along with pics of your gf holding said cat :).

  5. Gotta say, you really didn’t talk about “how to” quit reddit, answerhat. I mean, I was legitimately looking for some enlightenment. Instead, you rant about the BS that *whispers* everyone with a brain knows about.

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  8. Johnny Mcallister

    People actually like advice animals????.