Icon Pop Quiz Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - comment page 6

Icon Pop Quiz walkthrough and answers guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Icon Pop Quiz app is created by Alegrium games. This guide for Icon Pop Quiz contains help, hints and tips for completing the quiz. There … Continue reading

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239 Responses to Icon Pop Quiz Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - comment page 6

  1. Jigsaw is actually billy.

  2. In the character section, level 5, last page. It is NOT jigsaw. It’s Billy.

  3. Level 5, page 3, number 5 is not jigsaw. It’s billy.

  4. And number 13 on the first page of level 1, you have to put Tom cat, not just Tom.

  5. The answer on level five page 3 is not jigsaw it’s billy.

  6. It’s Billy, not Jigsaw. (I don’t know why it doesn’t accept Jigsaw).

  7. It’s not jigsaw it’s billy.

  8. It’s not “Jigsaw”. It’s “Billy”.

  9. Jigsaw on page two level 5 should be Billy.

  10. Justin Martinez

    For jimmy cricket its actually jiminy cricket.

  11. Ummm in page 1 on level 4 patrick is the star squidward is the squid.

  12. Pocketfullof$$$

    They spelled “Leonardo” name wrong too!.

  13. The “Jigsaw” answer is incorrect, the puppet’s actual name is Billy, which is the correct answer.

  14. Jigsaw is actually bill.

  15. You don't need to no

    It’s beavis not beevis it’s next to Dora have my baby.

  16. It’s Not Golum it’s GOLLUM :).

  17. Jigsaw is wrong it was billy.

  18. Jigsaw is actually called billy.

  19. Level 5 page 3 jigsaw is some times known as billy.

  20. The correct answer for Jigsaw is Billy.

  21. Page 5, Last Section
    When I typed in “Jigsaw” for the Jigsaw icon, it didn’t work. Did anyone else have this problem?.

  22. It’s not jigsaw it’s billy.

  23. Darth wasn’t working.. I answer darth vadar and it almost true.. Anyone could tell me the right answer?? *level 2 page 2 of Character.

  24. Beevis is incorrect. The game only accepts Beavis :).

  25. Bruno mars.

  26. In the characters level 3, part 2, its beavis, if you use beevis it wont accept it!.