Icon Pop Quiz Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - comment page 7

Icon Pop Quiz walkthrough and answers guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Icon Pop Quiz app is created by Alegrium games. This guide for Icon Pop Quiz contains help, hints and tips for completing the quiz. There … Continue reading

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239 Responses to Icon Pop Quiz Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - comment page 7

  1. It is tasmania not tazmania.

  2. For jigsaw in #5 page 3 it’s billy not jigsaw.

  3. Jigsaw is actually billy.

  4. On #5 last one it said jigsaw when it is not but overall I found it fine just some ones I find hard.

  5. Where it says jigsaw that’s not who it is his name is billy.

  6. Lucie imrie vienna sykes

    Beavis not beevis hunny, I had to google it as was inncorrect, Your page is really useful though :) xx.

  7. Lucie imrie vienna sykes

    Voldemort not Voldermort.

  8. The answer is jiminey cricket not jimmy cricket and also it isn’t jigsaw but billy.

  9. On level 5, page 3, jigsaw’s name is billy. They won’t accept jigsaw (at least on mine).

  10. For Level 5 it isn’t Jigsaw, it is Billy.

  11. It’s not jigsaw, his name is billy.
    It’s not jimmy cricket, it’s jiminy cricket.

  12. The one where you put “Jigsaw” is actually “Billy” please change this.

  13. Patrick is the star.

  14. Jigsaw is Billy, not jigsaw….

  15. Jigsaw didn’t work its billy.

  16. On level 5 charcters if you the jigsaw one won’t work try putting billy coz that is what i had to do.

  17. In level 05, page 3, the character’s name is billy, not the jigsaw.

  18. I love and thank you for this website you are truly awesome!.

  19. On page 3, of level number 5, it says jigsaw is one of the answers but that didn’t work out for me. It’s actually “billy”.

  20. It’s billy not jigsaw !.

  21. Now to work on the rest of the levels.

  22. You should update this to go to level seven and jigsaw is billy.

  23. Amazing and so helpful <3.

  24. It’s Beavis not beevis.

  25. The jigsaw one is actually Billy because that is the name of the doll jigsaw is the creator of the doll.

  26. You need to check the spelling on some of your stuff.