Icon Pop Quiz Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - comment page 8

Icon Pop Quiz walkthrough and answers guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Icon Pop Quiz app is created by Alegrium games. This guide for Icon Pop Quiz contains help, hints and tips for completing the quiz. There … Continue reading

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239 Responses to Icon Pop Quiz Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - comment page 8

  1. Excuse me , can you give me the more cheat ? Thank you!! Very much.

  2. Jigsaw is actually ‘billy’- must be the puppets name.

  3. Omg danbo from yotsuba and totoro gibli + sailor moon sorry im an otaku bassicaly I LOVE anime, i decided to be weird when lord voldemort came out and I typed in tomariddle and to my surprise it worked this was very helpful thanks.

  4. Beavis not Beevis.

  5. Loralye psyche gouin

    Gollum not golum sorry had to change that.

  6. This was so helpful! But on level 5 page three, ‘jigsaw’ is really known as Billy. It won’t accept Jigsaw, so I had to do my research on that one. But thanks!.

  7. Tazmania is actually Tazmanian.

  8. It’s not Jigsaw, it’s Billy.

  9. Chevaun. Edwards

    When the new level going 2 come on Icon pop quiz. I’ve been waiting ages.

  10. Come on there is like 2 more levels and u end there that is not fair what about the other ones like movie and shows or famous people plz do the rest and make sure that they are right because like 2 were wrong u said u had fun doing it have more fun by doing the rest please i am asking really nicely.

  11. You shall never know!

    This really helped
    My friends are all like ” how the hell did you complete these?”
    Me: ” I used my …. Brain”

    ” brain” XD.

  12. Hazza styles wife

    Thanks this really helped.

  13. I like this site its very cool!!!!!!!.

  14. Jessica Stevenson

    This is so helpful.

  15. Number 30 pls x.

  16. Beavis is the correct spelling.

  17. Can someone do the Halloween ones on the update pppllleeeaaassseee.