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The Room Epilogue Walkthrough iPad, iPhone and Android

The Room Epilogue walkthrough and solution for iphone, ipad and Android.  This guide covers cheats, hints and tips for finishing the Epilogue level of the Room game.  For the full guide to all The Room levels except the epilogue level see the original The Room Walkthrough by Nerdr games.  The Room game and app was developed by Fireproof studios and is available on the respective App store.  Price is around $1-$5 if it’s on sale and it was the Nerdr game of the year.

The epilogue level of the room starts with what looks like a hat box placed in the middle of a table.

Zoom back by pinching out and use the hourglass on the table.  Double tap to zoom in on the blue smudge.  It’s actually a hand print and the middle can rotate.  Touch the middle of the smudge and rotate to form a hand print.

Exit the eyeglass and swipe around to the side of the handprint.  You will see a tiny switch.  Swipe the switch to get a cog or small gear with a small triangle in the middle.

Zoom out and look at the note placed on the table.  I’m sure you noticed the piano symbols in the top right.  We’ll need those later for the music playing puzzle.

Now take a look at the table edge.  You’ll see a small white square button on one side.  It’s not a button, it’s actually a switch.  Turn up the brightness on your iPad slightly.  Slide it down to open a secret area.

Place the triangle gear on the triangle gear area here and press the button.  It’s time for the slide lights puzzle.  L means left, you can guess the rest.  The path to take is: LLUURDRRULLLDLURURDL then LU and into the switch that appeared.

Now repeat the first part of the above path to light up all the blue spheres and show the switches.  But this time use LDLURRDD for the second part to get the lower switch.  The slide will move back into it’s starting position and you can now flick the switch and get the blue metal orb.